Why Choose FluidSurveys?

FluidSurveys is no longer offering access, signups or payments to its service as of December 15, 2017.

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1. Easy to Use

Many software companies like to think that their software is easy to use. In our case, it’s not about what we think; our customers tell us on a day to day basis that our online survey software is the friendliest and easiest to use survey software that they have ever used. We spend the bulk of our time figuring out how we can re-engineer our interfaces to make them more intuitive and simple to use. We’re used to seeing our customers shake their heads in utter surprise as to how much easier to use our simple drag and drop interface is in comparison to other survey software that they have used in the past. Don’t take our word for it though, go ahead and Sign Up for a Free Survey Account and check out drag and drop for yourselves

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2. Advanced Feature Set

While our software is very user friendly, it is also quite advanced. Our customers constantly tell us that they are bewildered as to how we were able to build so many very advanced features and put them all in one package. Before FluidSurveys, our customers were used to seeing online survey software that had some features but lacked others. In order to determine which software to use, they used to have to spend a lot of time analyzing the different survey software tools out there in order to make a choice. With FluidSurveys, all of the tools that they needed had been put into one package thereby making the choice a no-brainer.

We have customers ranging from Market Research Companies to Universities to the Federal Government that use our software to conduct Public Opinion Research on a Nation-Wide basis. Advanced Skipping, Multi-Logic Branching, Piping, Looping, Data Extraction Questions, Advanced 3D Charts, Exporting into PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, SPSS, etc… While most people won’t use these advanced features, they are there in the event that you need them. If you want to see a more comprehensive list of Features Offered, please do check out our pricing and features page.

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3. Pay Less, Get More

Because of FluidSurveys’ fairly extensive customer base (both on the web and in traditional enterprises), we are able to charge less than the competition charges on comparable plans. There it is: for lower cost, we offer more. We want to give our customers the best of the best at a price that is fair and strays away from exorbitance. If you want to learn more, please do check out our survey pricing page.

4. Trusted And Reliable

Our customer base includes everything from Colleges, Universities, Governments, Market Research Companies, and Traditional Enterprises from all across the world. Believe it or not, the bulk of our customers have heard about us through referrals from other satisfied customers. When you have a great product and superior customer service, the word will spread. So here we are, trusted by some of the most respected names in the industry and relied upon by people who mean business. Give FluidSurveys a Try by signing up for a Free Survey Account.

5. We Love Our Customers

If it wasn’t for our customers, we wouldn’t be here. Kinda obvious you would think… So obvious that other companies don’t understand this very basic philosophy of business. We’ve heard the horror stories from people before they learned about FluidSurveys. Well, our promise to you is that we are different and we are here to make sure that you are happy at all times. Our basic mantra is that our customers are part of the family. We keep you up to date with our progress through user groups, newsletters, our blog, and of course good old email and phone conversations. We are excited to help you out. The very fact that we are able to help you in some way gives us a tingly feeling + inner peace. It’s a great feeling and we want it to continue forever! Feel free to send us an email or give us a call to say hi!

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6. We Respect Your Privacy

Your data is yours and we respect that. Rest assured that your data or contact information will never be sold or shared with others. You can download your data and take it with you at any time using our easy to use export features. For more information, make sure to view our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

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7. Our Surveys Are Accessible And Are W3C and Section 508 Compliant

Nowadays, there are many devices that people use to surf the web. It’s important that the web forms and questionnaires that you build are accessible on Phones, Older Browsers, Screen Readers, etc… When government departments decide to conduct public opinion research on a nation-wide basis, they need to be sure that their surveys will work no matter what the viewing medium. Surveys produced using FluidSurveys meet the World Wide Web Consortium’s Accessibility Guidelines (both Priority 1 and Priority 2) in addition to 508 Compliance Standards.

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8. We’re Experienced

We hire only the best of the best. We have some of the most talented software developers in North America developing software actively for your benefit. Our management team has had decades of experience starting and running companies and growing them into well-known publicly traded firms. FluidSurveys is a product of Chide.it Inc. Chide.it is a leader in developing high-end web-based feedback applications for its client base. We know the web and understand how to help our customers gather data, analyze it, and make decisions based on it.

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9 – We’re Secure

We host our servers using the same datacenters that some of the biggest names in the industry use. We employ the latest in firewall technology and also offer Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections for extra security.

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10. We’re Flexible And Can Meet Your Requests

While there is a great deal of commonality in how people conduct research, different groups will always have some unique way of doing things. Some may have a favorite question type, maybe a special analysis method, etc… We are here to listen to your requests on what we should build into FluidSurveys. We continuously work on making the software better as time progresses so chances are that your requests will end up in our software!

If you have a custom request that you think only you’d use, our custom solutions group can work with you closely to have your dream become a reality! Contact Us!

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