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Best Free Online Survey Tool

Create forms & questionnaires with the best free online survey tool on the web. Get started in seconds!

Oh, and we’re Canadian!

We <3 the United States! It’s not that we’re American, but rather that we’re the best provider of Online Form Tools in the United States!

You might think we are British. Not quite, but we are the leading provider of Online Questionnaire tools in the United Kingdom!

Kangaroos are fun. We say this not because we are Australian, and not because we’re Kiwis either. Rather, we are the world’s best provider of Online Questionnaire Software in Australia and New Zealand!

You are looking for the best free online survey tool, and you’ve found it! We have got an amazing interactive interface where you drag and drop your question choices to make your survey. You are able to customize your survey to meet the needs of your company and your customers. We have developed templates for both individual questions and entire surveys so you can choose them if you do not wish to start from scratch.

Surveys are always better when you can offer them to your customers as easily accessible as a part of your own website or, you can e-mail it to them. From a service industry standpoint this in many cases is beneficial because after you have helped out a customer you can evaluate how they felt about the help you offered them.

Save Hours of Time

With an easy to use drag & drop editor,
you can build unlimited surveys, forms,
polls & quizzes in minutes. Online survey
software that’s powerful enough for a
Ph.D., but simple enough for an intern!

Unlimited Surveys & Responses

Create powerful surveys with logic, multimedia
& tons of question types at a fraction of the
cost. Send out via web link, personalized
emails, facebook, twitter, mobile and more!

Access Unmatched Analytics

View data in real-time and impress
clients with beautiful graphs, charts, tables
and cross-tabs. Drill down into the data
with powerful filters, share reports online or
export to SPSS, PDF, Excel, PPT and Word!

Advanced Feature Set

FluidSurveys offers an advanced feature set allowing you to
create even the most elaborate market research surveys and
questionnaires. Advanced branching, piping, looping,
extraction, randomization and quota management are easily
implemented using a drag and drop interface. Whatever you’re
trying to accomplish, we can help you do it.

Complete Branding Control

Style your survey to seamlessly integrate into your
organization’s identity. You can upload logos, modify
color schemes, customize URL’s and more.
It’ll look
like you’ve created your own custom feedback solution. Our
Survey Themer can help you create stunning form designs
that’ll impress every respondent. And if you’re a web
designer, you’ll have full access to your survey’s CSS.

Access Unmatched Analytics

Create powerful reports of your aggregate data with the click
of a button. Generate charts, graphs, tables and
to uncover trends and patterns while
having the ability to segment the responses or drill
down for specific data.