Best Free Tool for Online Surveys

FluidSurveys is no longer offering access, signups or payments to its service as of December 15, 2017.

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Best Free Tool for Online Surveys

Create surveys, polls, forms, online questionnaires with FluidSurveys for free. Get started in seconds!

Oh, and we’re Canadian!

We <3 the United States! It’s not that we’re American, but rather that we’re the best provider of Online Form Tools in the United States!

You might think we are British. Not quite, but we are the leading provider of Online Questionnaire tools in the United Kingdom!

Kangaroos are fun. We say this not because we are Australian, and not because we’re Kiwis either. Rather, we are the world’s best provider of Online Questionnaire Software in Australia and New Zealand!

Fast, Simple, Powerful

FluidSurveys has the best free tool for online surveys! It offers amazing drag and drop features with the capacity to mold and manipulate your free survey to suit the needs of you and your enterprise. Question templates are available to guide your questions and to help you to input information quicker. You are able to make an unlimited number of surveys as well as have a real-time preview of the survey you are creating.

Why have we the best free online survey tool for you? Well if you have not used a survey tool before we have a simple and informative interface. If you have used another survey tool before, you will find ours to be the most interactive and editable. As such, you are able to customize your survey and upload your own logo from your own business to personalize your survey.

Multi-Mode Surveys

Export hard copies of your survey, and then upload the
responses collected offline back into the system. You can
easily run multi-mode surveys and reach offline
respondents, while still making use of analytics online.

Multilingual Surveys

Multi-language enabled, FluidSurveys lets you create
surveys in as many languages as you’d like. You can
translate everything in one interface, so there’s no need
to jump back and forth between different survey versions.
This makes creating a questionnaires and surveys in
multiple languages really fast, and really easy.

SPSS Export

Responses are pre-coded and easily exported into SPSS, or
any other advanced analytics software. Save hours upon
hours of time as the intensive task of coding data is
already done. Responses can be exported with the click of
a button, and you can be analyzing in a matter of seconds!

Email invitations

Send out personalized email invitations & reminders to
respondents, and track the response status of each. Learn more »

Mobile & tablet ready New!

Download an HTML5 version of your survey and collect data offline,
or send out your survey via QR code. Learn more »

Enterprise features Learn More!

Multi-user accounts with collaboration tools & complete white
label and re-brandable solutions. Learn more »

Advanced Feature Set

Human Resource departments can use surveys in a variety of
ways: entrance surveys during the hiring process, annual
reviews, 360 degree employee and management reviews, exit
interview questionnaires and more! FluidSurveys makes it easy
to create any of these questionnaires without having any
technical or programming knowledge. With an impressive set of
features, you can choose from over 25 question types, set up
survey/form logic (skipping, looping, piping, and extraction),
implement deadlines and quotas, and more!

Complete Branding Control

Style your survey to seamlessly integrate into your
organization’s identity. You can upload logos, modify
color schemes, customize URL’s and more.
It’ll look
like you’ve created your own custom feedback solution. Our
Survey Themer can help you create stunning form designs
that’ll impress every respondent. And if you’re a web
designer, you’ll have full access to your survey’s CSS.

Access Unmatched Analytics

Create powerful reports of your aggregate data with the click
of a button. Generate charts, graphs, tables and
to uncover trends and patterns while
having the ability to segment the responses or drill
down for specific data.