3 Ways to Enhance Your Surveys with FluidSurveys Timer Options

The introduction of FluidSurveys 5.1 gave our online survey tool a makeover from head-to-toe! In November, we highlighted its many improvements from new question types to its innovative reporting features. One thing we have yet to look at are the incredible new timer options available for your surveys. Below, we go over three cool ways you can use the FluidSurveys timer options to improve your results and the survey taking experience.

  1. Tracking Time and Clicks: You requested it and our dev-team delivered! Now you can observe your respondents’ behaviour with your survey. By selecting the ‘Track Time on Page’ button, you’ll be able to set your survey to track the length of time a respondent spends on each page of your survey. You can also track the number of clicks a respondent makes per page and measure the time between the survey page being presented and when the user interacts with a question.
    With this type of information, you’ll be able to get an inside look at how your respondents are interacting with your survey. Time tracking gives you a measure of the difficulty of a question based on the time it takes the respondent to select a choice. Also, by being able to spot answers given immediately, you’ll have the ability to eliminate any respondents who are filling out your survey without reading the questions. Never before has it been so easy to protect your survey results from respondents who are just “clicking through.”
  2. Enforcing Wait Periods: With the ‘Initial Pause’ option, you’re able to enforce a wait period before a respondent can move on to the next page of a survey. This feature is perfect for monitoring the time your respondents have to pay attention to key parts of your questionnaire.
    Let’s say you are collecting feedback on a selection of potential advertisement posters. In order to reduce survey bias, it is important to monitor the time that the survey-takers give to each poster. By choosing to have a 10 second pause on each poster, you’ll be giving each poster an equal level of contemplation.
  3. Limiting Time Per Page: The ‘Auto Advance’ option gives you the opportunity to push respondents to the next page automatically. This is a way to put time constraints on your survey participants as they work their way through your questionnaire.
    Auto advancing respondents is a great feature if you want to conduct a quiz or test. The time constraints work on a per page basis, allowing you to enforce exactly how long the survey taker can spend on each page. Beyond this, limiting the time per page can force the respondent to give gut reactions on different topics. Let’s return to the poster example. By allowing your respondent only a few seconds to see a poster and then auto advancing them to a page of questions, the respondent will have to share their perceptions of the poster after only seeing it for a few seconds. This better imitates how the poster would be received by the public as they drive by it on the highway or walk past it on the street.

Timing is Everything!

We know you are stoked to give these new timer options a try, just remember to give your respondents a heads up if there will be time limits or enforced waits on your survey before they get started. This will make sure they are ready and understand what is happening. To learn how to set up the timer options in your surveys, check out the video tutorial below, or click here to read our help desk documentation.

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