3D Matrix Tutorial

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Hey FluidSurveys readers! I’m going to explain how to use the 3D Matrix question type today. Generally, this question type is used for gap analysis and here I’m using it to discuss cakes. The first thing you must do is in the editor drag and drop a 3D matrix question into the real-time viewer.

Once you have your question outlined in your head you can begin to input your variables. We know that my question is about cakes. I want to know how people rate the taste versus the visual appeal of these particular types of cake. First I will enter my question and the extra description.

Next I will enter the column titles (taste & visual appeal)

I will input a scale of 1-5 under each of the columns as my choices.

Then I will input my choices for cakes as my rows.

In the real-time viewer, it shows all of our choices as a drop down menu.

However, because our choices are only one character long I feel like it would be much more appetizing to see the choices as radio buttons. So I will change that in the editor.

The 3D matrix will now be shown like this:

Now because not everyone may have eaten all of these types of cake;  I am going to offer them the choice to say they have “not tried” the particular type of cake.

You may have noticed that all of your choices have been optional when implementing them. But I feel as though if someone is taking this particular survey that I want them to answer all of the questions so, in the viewer I am going to right click on the 3D Matrix question and “mark all as required”.

I have altered everything to the way I want it for this 3D Matrix question, so I am going to go to the publish page, make it “live” and invite my contacts to take my survey. Then all I have to do is wait for them to respond and I can do my gap analysis on cakes :)! You may also want to watch a video tutorial on the 3D matrix.

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