4 Mobile Friendly Question Types on FluidSurveys

In today`s age of online surveying, organizations have to recognize that survey respondents will be accessing their questionnaire on a variety of devices. Desktop devices, like laptops and computers, are no longer the only primary tools used to access the internet. According to the Email Analytics, 47% of all emails are opened on a mobile device and, in a recent study by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU),it is projected that the mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage by 2015 (that’s 4 months from now!). It has come to the point where survey designers have to cater to both mobile and desktop users or sacrifice the integrity of the information they gather and level of response rates they receive.

FluidSurveys prides itself on being 100% mobile compatible. FluidSurveys’ responsive design allows any survey question to shape to any screen size and its multiple deployment modes, like offline, kiosk, and the FluidSurveys Mobile App, make conducting mobile surveys on any smartphone or tablet easy. In this article, we will go over 4 question types available on FluidSurveys that will make your survey mobile friendly while still maintaining professional research standards.

Yes/No Question

The main quality of a mobile friendly question is the ability to drag and drop responses. Remember, mobile respondents are most likely using their fingers to navigate and answer your survey. A Yes/No question allows you to drag either yes or no to provide your response, making it easier for all mobile users to choose the correct response.

Multi-Choice Question

Radio buttons, or those little round circles that you select in a multiple choice question, are the bane of the mobile user. Though easy to select with the precision of a mouse cursor, they are small and hard to select with a finger on a touch screen. Though FluidSurveys’ default appearance for this question uses radio buttons, it was designed to allow respondents to click the entire option including the wording to make a selection.

However, if you are using a rating scale in your multiple choice question, like level of satisfaction or agreement, the slider appearance should be your go to. The question becomes more intuitive by being shown horizontally, but more importantly its drag response style makes it easy to use for both mobile and computer respondents.

Ranking Question

The FluidSurveys ranking question uses a jigsaw puzzle style that matches well with today’s trend towards gamification. Also making full use of a drag and drop style, it allows the respondent to easily visualize the ranking. Go ahead and try it out yourself!

Slider Question

The slider question allows you to make a rating scale scored exactly the way you want. This question can be considered the ultimate kiosk mode question type, because when you start to slide the toggle the corresponding score appears above. This means your respondents can place their finger on the slider and the number will still be clearly visible.

(Tip: This question type is best suited for kiosk mode surveys or in person interviews using tablets. To learn different ways to conduct surveys on mobile devices, check out our article “Survey Smarter. 4 Ways to Empower Your Research with Mobile Devices!”)

Be Compatible with All Respondents!

In the future, only surveys that can cater to all devices will have success. Survey tools and researchers who refuse to accept this evolution in online research will be plagued with nonresponse error, lower response rates, and survey bias. We know that mobile compatible software is one way to prevent being left behind, but it is also important to design your questionnaire in a way that is suitable for the mobile respondent. Learn how to write a survey with the length, questions, and survey design appropriate for mobile respondents by checking out our blog, “The Smartphone’s Dramatic Impact on Survey Research.”

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