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8 Year-Old Market Researchers? -3rd Grade Teacher Uses FluidSurveys to Educate Class on Community Outreach and Data Analysis

Hello Fluid Users! Today we want to highlight an incredible case study of our online software tool. In this story, our star is Christy P. Novak, an educator and advocate for technology in the classroom for the past 14 years. Recently, she found a creative way of using FluidSurveys to promote learning about community outreach and working with data in her grade 3 class! Let’s take a look at how she used the software as a teaching device for youngsters.

Overview of the Project

Using FluidSurveys, Christy’s students created survey questions that centered around issues in their community that were important to them. The class was then tasked with deploying their questionnaires by using FluidSurveys’s QR code capability. Students did this by printing their survey’s unique QR code and posted them at key locations in their township. Now anyone with a smartphone or tablet could scan the QR codes and respond to the students’ survey.

Now that the survey had been created, deployed, and had begun collecting responses, the class was given the opportunity to organize their data by tallying and interpreting the gathered information. With the results, each student was challenged to think critically on what these responses mean and write an informed letter to local council representatives on the best way to address their survey’s issue.

Wow, that’s quite the grade 3 project!

How was the Project Recieved?

With this project the class was able to interact with their community, while at the same time learn how to build graphs and draw conclusions on primary data. But forget all that! How did the kids like the experience?

According to Christy, “The students really took off with this. They were excited at the prospect of doing something for their city that people would participate in. It gave the project a sense of importance to them. They came up with topics related to recycling, littering, types of stores, quality of community parks, crime, and more!”

Sounds like both Christy and her students had a blast completing this project! Here at FluidSurvey, we are just happy to have been a part of this innovative and exciting class experience. Christy, I speak for all of us up here at FluidSurveys HQ when I wish you the best of luck on your mission to use technology to enrich the quality of learning in schools and empower students to a higher level of education!

We love to hear creative ways our users implement FluidSurveys, and this was certainly no exception. If you are interested in reading more details about this project, check out Christy P. Novak’s blog by clicking here!

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