A Little Editing – Changing Response Statuses

Sometimes, with big decisions or minor ones, we have a tendency to change our minds. This is neither uncommon nor unnatural with everyday decisions, so we, at FluidSurveys, wanted to make sure you had all of the freedom possible as a survey creator to make changes and modifications at will.
Maybe you have created your survey and sent it out to a group of respondents, but you just remembered a great addition that you would like to include on page 3?! All is not lost, as you can edit bits and pieces of the survey even after this has been done!

In order to modify the response status, all you have to do is…

Analyze > Responses > Choose response from the list > Right click > Change Response Status

Your options here are to change the status to:
-Quota Reached

Why is this a helpful tool? Here are a few short examples –

Changing your mind about how many responses you would like either altogether, from a certain sex, from a specific location, who are employed at a target company, etc.

If the survey creator added a question after sending out a few invites and got a few responses back they may want to change those responses to incomplete since they are now missing one or several answers.

Just another way FluidSurveys is making it easier for you to create and control your surveys!

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