A Sneak Peek into the Fluidware Lunch Hour

Hello everyone! This week we have decided to switch it up from our normal posts about survey tips and new features. Instead we have decided to share with you one of the many ways Fluidware makes use of its very own FluidSurveys software. You are about to peer into the little known history of Fluidware’s Pho Fridays and how FluidSurveys was implemented to benefit the office’s lunching experience!

How Pho Came to Fluidware

Pho Fridays Survey Picture

Every Friday, when the sun reaches the apex of high noon and the bellies of every office worker begin to grumble, it is possible to see a number of hungry computer programmers stoically escort a giant box across the busy Ottawa streets to the Fluidware headquarters. Filled with an assortment of delicious Vietnamese soups and dishes from the Pho Bamboo Restaurant, this box will provide the final surge of energy needed for Fluidware to close the week on a high!

This phenomenon was not always such a sight to behold. In fact, Pho Fridays stems from the humble beginnings of a weekly order between only a few co-workers. But what started as a mutually enjoyed meal between a small collection of famished individuals quickly spiraled into an office wide process of delicious sustenance!

Never Phogetting the Deliciousness

As the number of participants in Pho Fridays continued to grow over time, the orders began to be confusing and unwieldy. With so many starving office workers barreling over one another to order, it was a wonder Pho Bamboo Restaurant was able to feed everyone. Something had to be done to make the process smoother and commit more of lunch hour to eating rather than ordering!

Fluidware turned to its tried and true FluidSurveys online software in order to create a quick and easy survey that would be sent to collect all the orders hours in advance of lunch. This survey collection process allowed lunch to be ready on arrival at the restaurant, and prepared for its journey to Fluidware Headquarters for its subsequent devouring.

Pho Fridays Survey

Make Your Own Office Surveys

You may be asking yourself, “Why would Rick share such a sacred piece of Fluidware tradition?” The fact of the matter is office process forms are some of the most underutilized methods of surveying in the workplace. Small surveys like Pho Fridays not only make lunch more enjoyable, but allow our office space to work more proficiently as a whole and spend our time more efficiently. These time saving surveys will benefit any workplace in the long run, since they are fast and receive everyone’s ideas and information fairly.

Implement your own office process forms on FluidSurveys in order to plan events, lunches or anything you can think of that requires organizing and receiving input from your staff. After you tried it tell us about your results in the comments below! If you don’t have an account in FluidSurveys, give it a try by clicking here. Now if you’ll excuse me I think I will go get something to eat!

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