Save and Share Questions with the New Question Bank

As a survey creator, you want to develop your survey efficiently, ask the best questions, and  benchmark with the data you collect. To help you achieve these goals, FluidSurveys has launched the Question Bank. The Question Bank operates a lot like (you guessed it) a bank, where you can save questions and then access them later to use in another survey.  Unlike a bank, FluidSurveys Question Bank allows you to share questions with other people on your team so that you can ensure the exact same question is being used between surveys. This makes your data easy to benchmark.


Accessing the Question Bank

The Question Bank is now available in all enterprise plans. If you don’t have an enterprise plan but need this feature, contact us about upgrading your account!

You can access the Question Bank from 2 main areas:

1. From the right click menu on your survey

2. From the Question Bank button on your Questions pallet


Adding Questions to the Question Bank

Now when you right-click a question on your survey, you have the option to “Save Question to Bank”.  This is how you will populate your Question Bank!

Once you decide to add a question to the bank, you can:

  • add tags to your questions to make them easily searchable
  • save the questions to select folders
  • share the folders with other on your team

In the example above, I have saved the question to a folder called “Customer Satisfaction”, and shared this with the group “Global”. This means anyone on my team can access this question. I could have just as easily selected a private folder.

Once you have added questions to your bank, it’s easy to then access and add them to your survey. This makes duplicating questions a breeze!



Adding Questions to your Survey from the Question Bank

There are two ways to add a question from your Question Bank to your survey.


1. Add Questions through the Question Bank Button

Below Advanced Questions on FluidSurveys’ questions pallet, you’ll notice a new button called “Question Bank”. By clicking this button, you can access the Question Bank.

In the example above, I have clicked the folder “Customer Satisfaction” and can see the question I had just saved to that particular folder.


By clicking on the question, you can see the answer choices for that question. This saves space and allows you to be sure you’re adding the right question to your survey. The “Insert” button adds the selected question(s) after the last question of your current survey.


2. Add Questions through the Right Click Menu

When you right-click on your survey in a blank space, you should see the menu option to “Insert Question from Bank”. When you select this option, the Question Bank from above will be prompted, allowing you to insert a question(s).


Quick Recap

To quickly recap, the question bank allows you to save, store, and share questions for a more efficient, collaborative survey development experience. The two key points of access to the question bank are the right-click menu and Question Bank button. Don’t forget to make use of tags and folders to keep your bank organized!



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Shannon McCluskey

Shannon is a marketing specialist at Fluidware. She is passionate about sharing knowledge on the latest survey insights and product features. Shannon is also very active in the local technology community, and mentors startups on marketing strategy.
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