Automatic Scoring!

With FluidSurveys, you are able to give your qualitative data a score (aka. giving it a numerical value), however, this has always been a manual feature. Now you can input a numerical value as the actual choice, let’s say in a multiple choice question, and it will automatically be added in as your score. It will not appear in the actual editor, though, when you go into analytics and check out the weighted score as a column as well as your means and totals in reports, and there it is!

Ex. Multiple Choice question:

In the analytics section, a score of 10, 15, 20 etc is given automatically to these choices so, as the survey creator, you will not have to go in and give them a separate score.

Now, you may be wondering about that N/A option, since, obviously it is not a number. This option will be populated with the value -99.5. Why you might ask? We have set -99.5 as a number that will not show up in the analytics totals, nor will it show up if you want to display the mean of the responses in your reports.
This specific response is automatically populated, though just as a side note, if you would like another option/choice not to show up in these totals, you can manually give it a score of -99.5 in the editor.

Check out this video tutorial:

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