Bilingual/Multilingual Survey Mode!

This is a great feature that is continuously being updated by the FluidSurveys team! Being able to create your surveys and forms in multiple languages allows them to be more diverse and global.

Using this functionality you are able to add up to 64 languages that are currently preset in the software database.

As the survey creator you have the option as well with regards to the survey URL’s that are sent out to your respondents.
You can still utilize the generic online deployment URL as the respondents will be given the option of choosing their language prior to and while taking the survey. However, you will also be able to send out a language specific URL which will automatically bring the users to the survey in that particular language.

Respondents will be able to toggle between the languages as they move through the survey as well…

Here’s an example:

Ex. If the user starts in English, they can change to Spanish half way through and continue taking the survey. All of the information/responses will still be sent to the same place in the Analyze section (ie. the analytics will not be effected by changing the language in the middle of the survey).

How To Add Your Languages…

-Create your survey base in one language (normally in English)

-Click on the little speech bubble at the top right side of the survey editor (when you hover over it, it will say “Survey Languages”)

-Find the language(s) you wish to add to your survey, and use the arrow to jump it over to the right side screen

-Use the drop down menu to change languages on your editing page in order to type in the translations (*Note: the yes/no questions will translate the choices automatically)

-Type your questions out in the desired language (keeping in mind that you can always copy and paste from a tool such as Microsoft Word if you have the information saved on your computer)

-Make sure to SAVE on each side of the survey before changing to the next language!


*Multiple language selection is available on any paid plan

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