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Birdsong is a UK-based consultancy helping charities work more effectively with their people. Birdsong does this through evaluating and developing organizational culture, and by tackling specific issues such as team dynamics and workplace bullying. Surveys are how Birdsong collects employee feedback to produce charity-wide benchmarks and tracks individual charity’s progress over time.

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Birdsong first began using online surveys 10 years ago. As Birdsong grew and their customers’ needs increased, Sam found that the popular online survey company they were using was outdated and lacking important features. Sam, a former software developer who had extensive software evaluation experience, went about looking for an alternative online survey tool.


When Sam came across FluidSurveys, he was blown away. Even though he was using a leading survey supplier, he was surprised with how much more sophisticated Fluidsurveys’ offering was.


Shifting to Fluidsurveys has yielded tangible benefits for Birdsong. For example, a data checking activity that used to take Sam’s team three days now takes only a couple of houses because FluidSurveys’ analysis tool is so much more sophisticated and flexible.

With Fluidsurveys, they have found a survey provider that aligns with their values of great service and continuous improvement.

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