Case Study: St. Francis Xavier University


Helping Researchers Establish Baseline Data for Entrepreneurship among Atlantic Aboriginal Women

Monica Diochon is a Professor in the Business Administrative Department at St. Francis Xavier University, and an established researcher in the field of entrepreneurship. When she and Coady International Institute colleagues began their latest research project to establish baseline data on women entrepreneurs in Atlantic Aboriginal communities, they had two big changes to their research process to make. The first was to move their survey online. The second was to choose FluidSurveys as their online survey software.

 Read the entire case study here.


Monica’s challenge was to use a survey method that could, potentially, reach all women living on and off-reserve in the region. To get the most complete data, Monica realized a small sample would not be an option. Not only would the cost of printing and mailing to women in Atlantic Aboriginal communities be beyond the budget of this project, it would not have a capacity to reach women who were living off-reserve. This led her to design her first online survey. However, having never used a SAS-based survey before, she did not know what company to choose and worried about the learning curve that might be required.


Monica and her team chose FluidSurveys’ Ultra plan. Its advanced survey logic met ethics board requirements by being able to set questions as optional. FluidSurveys’ branching logic also allowed her to ask alternate questions to respondents who did not own a business.

FluidSurveys’ SPSS export feature met the research team’s needs to do complex statistical analysis – like multivariate analysis – with the click of a button.

Given that this was the first online survey Monica was building, she needed a tool that was intuitive with helpful resources when she got stuck. FluidSurveys met that need with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, and helpful support in the forms of training videos, documentation, and on-hand Product Specialists.


The team’s research is well on its way to establishing these important research baselines. The results of the survey will serve as a foundation for more in-depth case study research and the development of entrepreneurship programs designed to meet the needs of women in the region.

Read the entire case study here.

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