Collecting Mobile Responses, Part 4: IOS Guided Access

This is the final post in a four part series outlining the three great mobile modes FluidSurveys has to offer. If you haven’t checked them out yet, learn which method of mobile surveying is right for your survey by reading about Online Kiosk Mode, Offline Mode, and the FluidSurveys Mobile App! For our final segment on using mobile surveys, we go over how to make your mobile device completely protected from respondents navigating away from your survey!

The Power of Guided Access

So after learning about FluidSurveys’ different modes of mobile research you may be thinking to yourself, “Sure all these methods lock our surveys into loops, but that won’t stop people from navigating away from the survey through the hardware.” Luckily for us, IOS devices (version 6 and onward) have included a feature called guided access. With this feature, you can lock your IPad so that users can only navigate through the touch screen, effectively disabling any device buttons.

Using Guided Access

To activate guided access, go onto your survey loop and then triple click the home button. This will lock all buttons. To end your guided access session triple click the home button again, enter your device’s passcode and click ‘End’ in the top left of your screen. Your ‘Guided Access Menu’ should look something like the picture below:

guided access

In this menu you can also change the setting of your guided access. Some of the options available are disabling motion or touch screen, but most important for surveying is the screen disabling feature. From this menu you can outline areas on the screen that you need to be locked. Though unnecessary when using the FluidSurveys Mobile App, it can be used to disable the URL address and web browser menu bars on Offline Mode or Online Kiosk Mode. This will ensure no one can navigate outside of your survey while providing their response!

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that we know how it works, it’s time to get started surveying! But before you jump the gun, you may want to check out our blog ‘Overcoming the Challenges of Mobile Surveys‘ which provides tips on how to create professional and effective mobile surveys. Need ideas for how to implement mobile research in your organization? Take a look at our article “Survey Smarter. 4 Ways to Empower Your Research With Mobile Devices!” If you haven’t yet created an account to FluidSurveys go ahead and browse our plans on our pricing page. Until next time, happy mobile surveying!

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