Create Multi-Survey Reports with FluidSurveys’ New Reporting Dashboard

Earlier this week, we took a look at the top 5 new design features introduced to FluidSurveys Reporting. Today we’ll keep with the reporting theme by highlighting our new multi-survey dashboard. The survey dashboard will allow users to create custom reports that can hold a combination of results from any survey. Let’s take a look at how you can take advantage of this new feature!

Draw Connections and Stay Updated on Survey Results

1) Compare Data Between Surveys: In previous versions of FluidSurveys reporting, users were unable to see results from different surveys in their account. This made it difficult to compare surveys against one another without exporting to excel or SPSS. Fact is, many online research plans involve more than one survey, relying on the ability to draw conclusions based on information gathered at different times or from different sample groups. With the multi-survey dashboard, users can compare all survey data within there account, no export needed!

2) Combine Reports So They Tell the Full Story: In online research, it is common for one survey to build off another. Many surveys lead to more questions than answers, usually paving the way for follow up surveys. In fact, an organization can find themselves several surveys deep before they can make an educated decision on a problem or opportunity. With this in mind, it makes more sense to build a single dashboard that goes over your entire research process, rather than having a different report for each survey.
Let’s say your company conducted a customer feedback survey and learned that your weakness was your website’s home page design. In order to turn this weakness into a strength, you then design four different home pages and conduct a second survey asking which your customers prefer. Since both the first and second survey shared a role in the creation of your new homepage, including the results from both surveys in your dashboard is the right move.

3) Quickly Review Important Survey Results: Not only does the dashboard allow for multi-survey reports, it also serves as the homepage of your FluidSurveys account. Basically, the dashboard gives you the opportunity to customize your home account page to include whatever responses you want to keep your eye on.
This is great if you have any ongoing surveys that you want to stay updated on. For example, if you conduct a net promoter score survey where you ask your users to provide their rating a month into their account purchase, simply place your net promoter question on your dashboard and view an updated version of your ratings whenever you sign in.

How it Works

Okay, we know the dashboard is useful, let’s see it in action! The video below takes a look at how to set up multi-survey dashboards and manage them on your account:

Want a step-by-step walkthrough? Check out our documentation by clicking here!

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