Create a Survey Experience Every Respondent Will Enjoy! – Introducing New Accessibility Tests

Last week, FluidSurveys launched version 5.1! Stocked full of innovative features and brand new capabilities, we firmly believe that version 5.1 solidifies our software as the cutting edge tool of the online surveying industry. So far we have covered two great new question types, the Image Heat Map and the Group/Rank. Today we will be switching gears to the new testing suite, and how it allows users to measure their survey’s accessibility to respondents.

Why Does Accessibility Matter?

In today’s world of online usage, there has never been a higher variety of desktop and mobile devices. Making matters more difficult, each device comes with its own screen sizes, colour settings, and processing power. Beyond this, your respondents will differ just as dramatically as the devices they use. For example, some people could have visual disabilities and be using screen readers to complete your questionnaire. The one thing all these respondents share in common is your need for their feedback.

These respondent differences, whether it’s a person’s unique need or the device he/she uses, can result in poor survey taking-experiences and lower response rates. Remember that on average roughly 27% of surveys are open on smartphones. If your questionnaire renders poorly on mobile, you may be losing up to a third of your willing respondents before they even begin. In the end, it just makes sense to ensure your survey is compatible with all devices and is accessible to all respondents.

With FluidSurveys’s responsive design and accessibility capabilities, you know your survey will be flexible to different respondent and device needs, but FluidSurveys 5.1 went one step further by providing you with increased testing options. The new mobile compatibility and survey accessibility deployment features allow users to ensure their surveys are compatible before they are launched. Let me show you how!

Mobile Compatibility Test

When testing to see if a survey is compatible with mobile devices it’s important to view the survey’s questions and page structure as it would appear on screens of that size. That is why the mobile compatibility testing feature allows you to visualize your survey both reshaped and reoriented to the mimic cell phones and tablets. Check out this video tutorial to see how it works:

Survey Accessibility Test

Survey accessibility refers to the ability for all respondents to have an equal opportunity to answer your survey no matter what their special needs may be. FluidSurveys takes accessibility very seriously and has continued to incorporate several features to allow our users to meet their respondents’ extra requirements. However, we know that it can be hard to tell whether you are taking full advantage of these accessibility options. This is where the survey accessibility testing feature comes into play. Using it will give your survey an accessibility score as well as the advice and directions needed to improve. See how it works by watching the video tutorial below:

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If you want to learn more about the testing suite, be sure to check out our blog on generating test responses and our in-depth webinar recording “Confidently Deploy Surveys with the New Testing Suite.” For more information on all the exciting new features, visit our FluidSurveys 5.1 webpages. Until then, remember to continue checking the blog as we continue to highlight the incredible innovations introduced in the software upgrade!

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