Embed Surveys Faster and more Easily – FluidSurveys’ New Embed Deployment System

In the past couple of months, you may have noticed a significant change to the survey embed feature found in the deployment section. In fact, the entire embedding format has been revamped to include easy to use customization options and absolute user control. In this blog post, we will take a look at the three major improvements made to FluidSurveys’s embed feature.

1) Full and Easy-to-Use Customization Options: With the new embed options, FluidSurveys has taken all the CSS and complex coding out of placing a survey on a website. Instead, to embed a survey, users need only enter the ‘Embed Deployments’ page in their account and select the options that fit their particular survey.

2) Multiple Embed Designs for One Survey: Also new is the ability to create multiple embed designs for the same survey. Say you wanted your survey embedded on two different websites, you can create a custom embed for each location that will ensure your survey looks its best on both sites.

3) Automatic Sizing: One of the greatest improvements has to be that FluidSurveys’s embeds now automatically size themselves to the page they are embedded on. Of course you can still set restrictions to the height and width through the embed options, but left without any tampering the embedded survey will customize itself to best fit the website’s layout!

Interact with one of our embedded surveys by answering the question below:

How to Embed Your Own Survey

Now that we know all these exciting new improvements, check out this video on how to use the FluidSurveys’s new embed:

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  • Jamie Learmonth says:

    Would be great if there was a placeholder field for invite code that we could populate using our own means to track the user filling in the embedded survey.