Exploring the Pop-Up Tool

As mentioned in a previous post, pop-ups have unfairly gained a negative perception throughout the online community. When you mention the word, minds automatically jump to ads, spammers and viruses. However, all pop-ups aren’t created equal, and it’s unfair to treat them so. If used properly, pop-ups can serve as extremely valuable tools for organizations; they can help engage customers, gather feedback, improve processes, uncover opportunities, etc. It’s no wonder that some of the world’s most successful and respected companies, from Amazon to Zappos, have engaged pop-ups, and pop-up surveys, as part of their online strategies.

At FluidSurveys, we’ve created an extremely robust pop-up survey tool that allows you to have complete control over the appearance, timing, frequency and audience of the pop-up. It’ll appear when you want it, where you want it, and for whom you want it.

In this post, we’ll go through some of its’ key features:

One Pop-Up per Person

Pop-ups can be set to appear only once to every visitor. This assures that a visitor won’t be bombarded, and annoyed, with the same pop-up multiple times. Even if you have multiple pop-ups on a page, you can assure that the visitor is only presented with one.

Complete Control of Timing

You have complete control over the timing of your pop-up. You can set it to appear whenever you want after the visitor enters the page, whether it’s right away or 5 minutes afterwards.

You can also specify how long it is before the same visitor is shown the pop-up again (if you want to show it to them again).

Tip: It’s generally a good rule to have a delay before the pop-up appears. This allows the visitor to become more familiar and comfortable with your offering, and more likely to help you out with feedback.

Frequency Control

You can specify the frequency at which the pop-up appears, as well as the probability that a visitor sees it. So, for example, you could show it to every 5th visitor, or every 10th visitor. You could set it so that every visitor has a 10% chance of seeing it, or 80%. You could even set it so that every 5th visitor has a 25% chance of seeing it, or so every 10th has a 75% chance. You really have total control.


Often times, an individual has multiple windows open at once, and things can get lost in the clutter. You can assure that your pop-up and survey don’t. By simply checking a checkbox, you can set your pop-up and survey to appear in the foreground of the screen, no matter what else is open, guaranteeing that it doesn’t get missed.

Stand-By Page

If an individual has graciously offered to provide you with feedback, it doesn’t mean that you want them to leave your site right away. You want them to stay, read, and hopefully, buy. Luckily, you can set a stand-by page to appear if the visitor agrees to participate in your survey, and this page encourages them to continue browsing but automatically redirects them to the survey once they finish.


You can style the pop-up to match your website and overall corporate branding. Change the colors, fonts, sizes, etc. Make your pop-up fit in, or stand out, it’s up to you.

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