Case Study: Integrating New Canadians with In-TAC

The FluidSurveys’ Featured Customer is an on-going series dedicated to showcasing our customers and the great projects they work on using our survey software. This month, we had the pleasure of interviewing Maria Rasouli, who is a Research Analyst and Trainer at In-TAC.

In-TAC, which stands for the International Talent Acquisition Centre, connects Canadian businesses, especially Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs), to international talent within Canada and overseas, to help them grow and compete globally. In turn, the international talent benefits from gaining valuable work experience and skills in Canada.


Evaluating Program Effectiveness

Maria and her team are using FluidSurveys to collect pre and post placement information from interns and companies  for the purpose of evaluating the programs’ effectiveness. The pre placement evaluation establishes the intern’s skill level, the company’s capacities for integrating interns, and the details about the placement. The post placement evaluation asks interns to rate their skill level again and asks companies about the changes they experienced as a result of the internship.  This data allows In-TAC to establish internal benchmarks, track intern and business development, and the outcomes of placements.

“The purpose of doing these evaluation is twofold.” says Maria, “On the one hand, we are collecting valuable information about our internship program to make sure we are delivering the best program possible to our clients including interns and companies. On the other hand, we are collecting statistics that are critical to maintaining our funding.”

In-TAC is a social enterprise that relies on funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration as well as other funders to stay in business. Being responsible government organizations, these funders require statistics demonstrating program effectiveness for funding to continue. The data In-TAC is collecting is proving the programs’ effectiveness. These results have allowed In-TAC to meet the needs of new Canadians and globally-minded Canadian organizations now and for futures to come.


Improving Programs with Evaluations

Before, In-TAC did not have the funding for a research analyst position. Therefore, it was not able to collect data comprehensively. However, with the new funding and use of online surveys, In-TAC is able to benchmark and collect valuable information. Fluidsurveys has been beneficial to In-TAC because:

“American companies have to comply with the American Privacy Act which allows their government access to the data being collected. This was a serious concern for us given that we wanted to ensure our participants that their responses were anonymous.” Says Maria, “I had found out about FluidSurveys and used it for conducting my PhD thesis survey, and because it was a Canadian company and had superior data privacy, I tried it out and always recommend it to others. I’ve tried many survey tools, and FluidSurveys has a superior user friendly interface, ease of use and many complex functionalities that advanced users may need.”

With a new software in place, In-TAC’s evaluation tool got a major overhaul.

“We developed our own in-house questions and anytime I needed help the Fluidsurveys customer service team was so easy to reach out to.” Said Maria.

 Next Steps

Collecting intern and company evaluations through FluidSurveys has become part of the business process norm at In-TAC. As the two-year program progresses and more information is collected, In-TAC will have even more data they need to demonstrate the effectiveness of this program and improve placements for businesses and individuals.

 More About In-TAC

Learn more about In-TAC by visiting their website or watching the video below.

*Video courtesy of In-TAC

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