Case Study: Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance – Saving Lives in Omaha

The FluidSurveys Featured Customer is an on-going series dedicated to showcasing our customers and the great projects they work on using our survey software. This January, we are fortunate to feature Nicole Caputo from the Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA) who are striving to promote lead-safe and healthy homes for children and families in Omaha. Nicole is the One Touch Coordinator at OHKA responsible for leading the in-home health assessments, and she is also the admin for OHKA’s FluidSurveys account.


Field worker doing the One Touch Assessment on her iPad.

Assessing the Health of Homes in Omaha

In collaboration with 5 other citywide organizations, OHKA has a program in place to go into homes and assess mold, carbon monoxide, lead, energy efficiency, ventilation,  pests, structural damage and other issues that can cause an unsafe home . These organizations use the One Touch Assessment tool, which is built off of the FluidSurveys platform.  The exact same 35 questions are asked by all the organizations going into homes so that the same data is being collected, and OHKA can then see trends and share this data with others.

Before we had field workers doing this assessment on paper surveys and then they would fax it in to OHKA. I was mining the stats from the paper surveys; that was a lot of paper and that was kind of crazy. Now the field workers collect data on iPads and it automatically submits to one place. This had made my job 4x as easy.  – Nicole Caputo


The One Touch Assessment Tool powered by FluidSurveys

The Benefits of Automating Assessments

By automating this process, Nicole has more time to focus on analyzing the results, and she can quickly and easily update others.

“We have a One Touch meeting once a month where we go over goals, direction, and give each other programmatic updates. Last Wednesday was our meeting and I was able to get onto FluidSurveys, pull up a report, and was ready in 20 minutes. And it took 20 minutes because the findings were so interesting and not because it was difficult.”  – Nicole Caputo


Field worker meeting the family before doing a healthy home assessment.

Using Results to Inform Policy

Through their research efforts, OHKA has been able to see what is missing in homes, and put forth recommendations to their senator that will save the lives.

“Over 3/4th of the homes we go into don’t have carbon monoxide detectors. In Douglas County, the number one reason for people accidentally dying is carbon monoxide poisoning, so now we’re able use that data to inform action.” – Nicole Caputo

Thanks to the tangible data OHKA has collected, they can now share information that will lead to positive outcomes for Douglas County residents.


Field worker inspecting a home for hazards.


Next Steps

Nicole and her team are working to convert the paper assessments into electronic format so they can add more data to their analysis. With even more data to back up their findings, Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance and the One Touch Assessment tool will continue to make positive impacts to policy and the homes of the people of Omaha.


More about Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance


In 2004, Omaha was designated as the largest residential Superfund site in the country due to the presence of children with elevated blood lead levels. As a result of the Superfund designation, EPA has been replacing yard soil in approximately 14,000 residential properties in Omaha.  In 2004, the Omaha Lead Site Community Advisory Group (CAG) was formed to create a dialogue between the community and EPA surrounding issues related to the Superfund site.  The CAG, facilitated by Senator Brenda Council,  brought together many other stakeholders, including: public officials, concerned citizens, community-based organizations, business leaders, and others. Read more.

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