Case Study – Election Polls in Nova Scotia

The following case study presents how a market research company in Nova Scotia (Nova Insights) used FluidSurveys to conduct election polls.

Paul DesBarres, President of Nova Scotia-based Nova Insights Market Research & Consulting, savors the moment his small public-opinion research firm predicted an NDP victory in the recent provincial election:  “No one ever thought we would have an NDP majority.  The major media outlets couldn’t believe it…they wouldn’t trust the online results.”

In the election, dissatisfaction with Premier Rodney MacDonald led to Darrel Dexter’s emergence as head of Atlantic Canada’s first New Democratic Party provincial government.

The success of Nova Insights’ polling is due to a combination of traditional survey rigor with its new use of online survey techniques — a movement which, according to Mr. DesBarres, reflect the ‘tipping point’ that the use of technology has reached in society.

“Today 81% of adult Nova Scotians are online,” said Mr. DesBarres, “and the number is growing fast.  Traditional phone-type surveys suffer because an increasing number of people are on cell phones and not on land-line phones, and in any case they are not as comfortable talking with a live interviewer about some subjects.  People would rather do a survey online, where their answers can be done at their convenience, and in a more considered way.”

Mr. DesBarres also credits his survey tool, FluidSurveys, for providing the flexibility and methodological rigor to efficiently collect information from the public in an unbiased manner.

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