Generate Invite Codes / Passwords for Your Survey Respondents

Occasionally, you will want to invite some respondents to take your survey but you will not have their email addresses. One of the nice things about FluidSurveys is that you have the ability to generate unique passwords that you can then pass onto your survey respondents. This is useful if you are doing a mail-based survey and would like to send out a generic URL and then just a password to everyone who you invite to the survey.

Another example is when a store like the GAP will give you a password on your purchase receipt so that you can use it to go take a survey online and redeem a coupon code. Generally, you will want to generate passwords in two cases:

1) You don’t know the respondent’s email address
2) You don’t want anyone who doesn’t have a password to take your survey

So, now that we know why you would use this feature, let’s talk about how you would use it:

This video tutorial does a good job explaining:

Follow the picture instructions below:

1) First, head on over to the Invite page

2) Now, click on the “Tools” button on the left

3) Type in the appropriate number of Invite Codes in the text book and press “Generate Codes”.

4) You can always go back and click on “previous codes” to see what else you have created in the past.

5) If you want to see the status of these codes (i.e. which one of the codes has been used, etc…), simply go to the “export” page and export invite codes.

6) Finally, if you don’t want anyone who doesn’t have a password to take the survey, you can go to the publish page and then click Settings. On this tab, go to Access Restrictions. At the bottom, there is an option for Invite only, like the picture below.

That’s it!

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Aydin Mirzaee

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