Learn How to Generate Test Responses and Reports!

Most surveyors understand that pre-testing their questionnaire is an essential part to avoiding survey bias and increasing their completion rates. But when it comes to using an online software tool, it is also important to know beforehand how your data will be presented after you’ve collected your responses.

Put Your Worries behind You with the New Testing Suite

With the new testing suite, FluidSurveys provides its users with the ability to see exactly how their responses will be displayed as raw data in the response section and as a report in the reporting section. You will then be able to ensure your collected information will appear exactly as it should. Not only that, you’ll be able to manipulate, export, and shape these generated responses just as you would be able to do with real responses. This way there will be no surprises when you reach the data analysis and reporting portion of your survey project.

To learn how this testing suite works, check out these two brief video tutorials:

Generating Test Responses Part 1

Generating Test Responses Part 1

More Blogs and Webinars to Come on FLuidSurveys 5.1 Features

Keep checking out the blog as we continue to highlight more amazing FluidSurveys 5.1 features. If you are interested in learning more about the new testing suite, be sure to check out the recording of our in-depth webinar called “Confidently Deploy Surveys with the New Testing Suite” by clicking here. In this webinar, our product specialists will be giving an in-depth look at the new testing options as well as 5.1’s accessibility and compatibility features. Until next time, happy surveying!

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