How to Export Your Results to SPSS

Update: Our help section has the latest information on exporting your results in FluidSurveys to SPSS.

We’ve gotten a few emails from users asking us to describe in some more detail how to export their results into SPSS. In this tutorial, we’ll talk to you about exactly how this can be done.

First and foremost, before you even export your results into SPSS, you’ll want to make sure that your questions have the appropriate labels and that your choices have the appropriate scores associated with them.

For any question in your survey, you can add a label. By default, the Identifier is set to “none.” If you click on this, you’ll be able to change the label of the question.

In terms of “scores” for choices, by default, we start with a score of 1 and increment from there. If you don’t like our scoring system, you can always change it by first clicking on one of the choices and the left-hand menu will show you the screen below. Click on the “None” link in front of the “score” option in most question types.

Once you have defined your labels and scores (i.e. coded your survey), you can then proceed to the export.

All you have to do is head on over to your “export” page for the specific survey you are working on. When you click on the SPSS export, you’ll get a Zip file that contains a .sps script and responses.txt file.

Update: Our help section has the latest information on exporting your results in FluidSurveys to SPSS.

Don’t forget this:

Before you run your .sps script, you’ll need to make a slight modification in the script file. Open the file, and once you do, you’ll have to change the value of the “/File” variable to the “Full Path” to the file rather than the file name. Initially, the variable will be set as:


and then you would need to change it to something like this:


Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to run your script.sps file by double-clicking on it. When you do, SPSS will open and you’ll see your script. Just click on the Run menu and then click on “Run all” – this should do the trick.

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