Introducing Our Brand New Help Desk with Fully Up-to-Date Documentation and Video Tutorials

Hello Everyone! FluidSurveys is excited to present its long awaited documentation for FluidSurveys version 5. What’s more, our Help Desk layout has had a complete makeover! In this blog we’ll go over the major changes to our support resources and how to navigate through its new set up.

Overview of the Changes to Support Resources

The FluidSurveys team has been very busy reworking the support resources offered on our help desk to make it more efficient and easy-to-use. Here is a quick list that summarizes some of the new improvements:

• Up-to-Date Documentation

• Up-to-Date Video Tutorials

• New Automations and Integrations Documentation Sections

• New Help Desk Layout and Navigation System

Accessing Online Support Resources on the New Help Desk Layout

Documentation and video tutorials can still be accessed through the FluidSurveys’s Homepage by clicking ‘Resources’ in the top navigation and selecting ‘Support’ from the list. Once selected, you will be brought to the main page of the new Help Desk:

Help Desk Pic 1

Here you can access all the different resources FluidSurveys has to offer, including up-to-date documentation and video tutorials! There’s also a search option at the top of the page you can use to find your information faster. Or if you have a specific problem in mind, you can click the ‘Submit a request’ link on the top right to send a ticket to our product specialists at support. Clicking on any of the five listed categories will send us to a different section of the Help Desk. Select ‘Read Our Documentation’ to gain access to FluidSurveys’ documentation:

Help Desk Pic 2

As shown above, our documentation page is divided into familiar subjects for easy navigation. You can click on any of the subjects to open its information:

Help Desk Pic 3

You can also visit the subject’s page by selecting the ‘View Page’ link at the end. This will give you the option to read any comments or add your own opinion to this section.

All Your Bases are Covered!

So now all you great FluidSurveys users can take advantage of the fully redone and up-to-date video tutorials and documentation. But don’t forget, if you are ever stuck, FluidSurveys’s product specialists provide the best support in the bizz and they will be happy to help any way they can! Have research related questions? Join me at one of my FluidSurveys Hangouts running every Wednesday from 1-2pm, where we go over everything survey from questionnaire creation to data collection strategies. With all these resources at your fingertips, FluidSurveys is sure to help you make your research a homerun!

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