Latest and Greatest: 4 New Features Introduced to FluidSurveys!

Well folks, we’ve gone and done it again. Here at FluidSurveys, our developers are doing everything and anything they can to make your survey creating and taking experience as enjoyable as possible. Below are four great features that we feel will go a long way in proving that we are the number one survey software in the world!

1) Creating an FTP Automation

Use our FTP automation to easily store and then retrieve completed PDF survey responses using an FTP server. We include other event types such as quota reached, survey viewed and response terminated. Now, no matter where you are, you can always have access to the data you’ve collected!

Creating an FTP automation

2) Feeling Frosty!

Add the effects of frosted glass to your survey through the themer. Frosted glass will make your question boxes appear beautifully, as a semi translucent window over your survey background.  Configure additional options by setting the hue, brightness and saturation levels to match your desired survey design.

Add the effects of frosted glass to your survey

3) Import Contacts From…

Easily add new contacts to our built-in address book from FreshBooks, MailChimp, Google or SalesForce. By default, only a users full name and email address will be imported to your address book. Want more! Click the columns dropdown and select which additional information you wish to import.

Import contacts to your address book from FreshBooks, MailChimp, Google or SalesForce

4) Manage your Files with Ease

We’ve updated the look and feel of our built-in file storage directory. New buttons and an easier layout are just a few of the great changes made to make your experience with uploading and downloading files an enjoyable one. Some of the file types we offer for uploading include: DOC, DOCX, HTML, CSS, JSON, CSV, XLS and many more!

Exploring the new look and feel of our built-in file storage directory

Ready to get started, but don’t have a FluidSurveys account? Go ahead and set up your own account by visiting our pricing page!

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