Looping, Create Loops within Your Online Survey and some info on Branching + Piping

Yesterday’s post about our 3D Matrix got a lot of our customers pretty excited. Today, we’ll be talking about Looping. So what is looping anyway? Well, let’s say that you were to ask a group of people which energy drinks they’ve tried in the past. So, you would give them a list of energy drinks and they’d tell you which ones they had tried before. Then, let’s say that you wanted to ask the same series of 3 questions about each one of the energy drinks that they had tried in the past. For example, you could ask them, how much did you pay for Energy Drink X, and How Energized did you feel on a scale of 1 to 10 after having that energy drink? You’d want to ask these questions about each one of the choices. Hence, you need to use looping in order to make this happen. The good news is that our free surveys tool has built a very cool and easy to use looping interface. Check out the quick tutorials below to get started!

Looping Basics:

Looping (Part II):

Looping (Part III):

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Aydin Mirzaee

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