Make Way for FluidSurveys v5.0!

That’s right, you read that correctly! Fluidware, the makers of FluidSurveys and FluidReview, launched a completely refurbished and improved version of your favourite online survey tool! Our development team has been receiving all your incredible ideas and comments over the past few years and have finished putting the finishing touches on FluidSurveys version 5.0 (v5.0)!

This version not only includes a much more beautiful and easy to navigate interface, but also has several new features designed to obtain more useful information and higher response rates from your participants, whether on desktop or through mobile devices. What’s more, FluidSurveys v5.0 makes all aspects of survey creation, deployment, and analysis as smooth and easy for its users as possible. See it in action here at the FluidSurveys v5.0 launch webinar hosted by co-founder and co-CEO Aydin Mirzaee and Account Manager Ylimay Zavala.



For those of you who prefer text, let me highlight some of the new features that make this version of FluidSurveys spectacular!


  1. Completely Responsive Administrator and Respondent User Interface: When designing your survey, FluidSurveys v5.0 is fully responsive to the size of your screen or browsing window, with logic shaping each question to fit the page in a readable yet fully visible way. Furthermore, FluidSurveys v5.0 automatically shapes live surveys to any screen size your respondents use. You no longer need to do any special configuring to have your survey work on a desktop, laptop, or as a mobile survey. Plus, unlike the old FluidSurveys there is no more loading times!


  1. More Dynamic Theme Options: The FluidSurveys theme options have been recreated with innovative and customizable styles. These beautifully designed themes provide your respondents with a more interactive survey and improve response rates. Another unique feature to FluidSurveys v5.0 theme options is ‘Mobile Previews,’ which allow account users to see how their surveys will look when opened on a mobile device through their desktop. FluidSurveys 5.0 also has improved customization options like padding, margins, round corners, opacity, and alignment – no programming skills required!


  1. Enhanced Publishing Options: The FluidSurveys v5.0 publishing options have become much more intuitive and straightforward. This is achieved by creating an easy to navigate tab system that allows the user to pick and choose how they would like to deploy their survey. In the FluidSurveys v5.0 launch webinar, co-CEO and co-founder Aydin Mirzaee covers an example using the improved embed feature. Now embedded surveys responsively fit to wherever they are placed.

In addition to the embed feature, FluidSurveys v5.0 has increased the number of social media publishing options. Along with the previous social media integrations, you can now deploy surveys on Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+.


  1. Completely Improved Reporting Options: The new reporting options are fully customizable, including choice of colour schemes, logos and much more. Beyond this, there are many new reporting features in FluidSurveys v5.0. This includes scheduling options and a customizable analytics dashboard. There is also benchmarking, which allows users to analyze their data against other collectors, previous surveys, and through individual questions.


  1. Added Integrations and Automation Tabs: These features have been requested by many FluidSurveys’ users and our development team has delivered. With FluidSurveys v5.0, users are able to create their own integrations between FluidSurveys and other online software tools directly on their account. On top of this, an automation tab has been added, allowing triggers pertaining to FluidSurveys, or any other software an account has been integrated with, to be created and managed with ease! For example, integrate your account to your help desk in order to automatically send notifications to your staff when a client selects dissatisfied in your survey, or automatically send a survey invite to any new customer that registers on your website. Along with the automations, FluidSurveys v5.0 also has integrated with MailChimp,, and Box to make acting on survey data even easier.


  1. New and Improved Question Types and Survey Templates: FluidSurveys v5.0  launched with redone question types. The styles of these questions were developed by professionals to be easier to read and more intuitive for respondents to answer. Some new question types have been introduced, including a brand new picture question. FluidSurveys v5.0 also provides users with a multitude of new templates to peruse and use at their leisure.


If these features peak your interest, check out real screen footage of FluidSurveys v5.0 in use by watching our in depth video preview! This video allows you to accompany co-CEO and co-founder Aydin Mirzaee and Account Manager Ylimay Zavala, while they explore FluidSurveys v5.0’s incredible user interface and fantastic features!  Plus, stick around until the end of the video to receive a sneak peak at Fluidware’s new initiative that will change the online market research industry forever!


We hope you enjoyed this quick summary of some of the hottest new and improved features in FluidSurveys v5.0. There are many more awesome features that we could not fit in here so be sure to create your free Fluidsurveys account and try it out for yourself!


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