Introducing Divisions! How to Manage Multiple Departments and Users on One Account

When conducting a large scale survey, the amount of people involved can quickly grow. For example, if we looked at implementing an organization-wide employee feedback survey, our account members can be quite large. There is the survey design team, employee managers, human resources, and executive team, to list a few viable candidates to take part in the survey process. And the fact is, each group will have its own role to play in either creating or making use of the survey research. Making matters more complex, each of these potential members will have different requirements and permissions based on their authority and position in the organization.

Here at FluidSurveys, we understand the need for an intuitive multi-user management system that both allows you to add new members as well as grant and restrict member access based on an individual and team level. That is why we have introduced FluidSurveys 5.1’s new administrative features that make managing multiple members in a white label account a breeze! Let’s take a look at what I am talking about.

Adding and Organizing Divisions, Groups, and Members

With the new administrative features, you can add members and divide them into different divisions and groups with ease. Think about the different teams you want involved in your survey building, sampling, and data analysis. Based on this knowledge, you can separate your members into divisions organized by the part of the survey process they’ll be working on. Check out this video tutorial to learn how to create divisions and add members:

Allocating Access and Control to Different Members

Now that you have created your organization’s divisions, you can begin giving each division customized access and restrictions to the different resources and sections in your FluidSurveys account. This customization can include anything; the number of invites each member can send, the amount of storage space a member can use, or even whether the member has access to the survey editor and themer. You can also edit access for specific members based on their individual needs, like giving a division leader complete control so they can watch over the entire survey process. Watch the video tutorial below to see how it’s done:

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