Collecting Mobile Responses, Part 1: Online Kiosk Mode

Hey gang! Here at FluidSurveys, we pride ourselves on the incredible mobile options we have to offer our users. There are three major ways to conduct a mobile questionnaire through our survey tool; online kiosk mode, offline mode, and the FluidSurveys Mobile App. Each method allows you to create a survey loop, meaning that after someone has responded to it on your device the questionnaire reloads to be taken by another respondent automatically. Over the next three blogs we will go over using these various methods for creating mobile surveys and the best way to implement each in your fieldwork phase. So let’s get started!

Using Online Kiosk Mode

The online kiosk mode is available to all users no matter the plan. The important thing to keep in mind for this method of mobile surveying is that you need a Wi-Fi or broadband connection to operate it. That means if you are surveying at an external location you will have to ensure the location has an available connection in advance and take the proper steps to access it.

Online Kiosk Mode -Picture 1

As shown above, online kiosk mode is activated from the ‘Deploy’ tab in your FluidSurveys account. After ticking the checkbox ‘Deploy this survey in Kiosk Mode,’ you will be able to select the amount of minutes it takes for a survey to timeout. This feature takes the form of a text box asking the user to place the number of minutes they would like their device to wait idle before automatically refreshing the survey loop. With this in place, when someone leaves your survey half-finished it will automatically revert to a new response over time.

After selecting your desired minutes to survey idle timeout, your account will save your settings automatically and the unique ‘Web URL’ will add a kiosk mode tag. The added tag should look something like this “?kiosk_timeout=5.” Your new link can then be used to open your looping survey. Place the link in another window and you’re ready to start gathering responses.

Note: If you plan on staying logged into your account, it is important to open your survey loop in an incognito or private window. This will ensure the administrator bar is removed from the survey looping window. Otherwise you can log out of your account to remove the administrator bar.

Get Ready for Part 2!

As promised, we still have two mobile modes to discuss; offline mode and the FluidSurveys mobile app! Also learn how to lock your survey loop correctly by checking out this blog on how to use IOS Guided Access. Catch you there survey gurus!

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