Collecting Mobile Responses, Part 2: Offline Mode

Hello everyone! Continuing on to part 2 of our mobile options, we will be discussing the FluidSurveys Offline Mode. If you have not got a chance to check out part 1 yet, go ahead and click this link to learn about Online Kiosk Mode. Otherwise let’s get to it!

The Basics Offline Mode

In order to use this feature users are required to have an enterprise or white label account. Offline Mode allows the account holder to utilize the survey loop without an internet connection. Simply create a bookmark or open your survey while connected to the internet and then take your mobile device offline anywhere you like. Using its offline capabilities, your survey loop will continue to work regardless of location!

How to set up your survey

Offline Mode is accessed through the ‘Deploy’ tab by clicking the ‘Launch Offline mode’ button. After clicking this button a new window will generate a list of responses previously collected offline. This is shown in the picture below:

Offline Mode -Picture 1

Since these responses were collected through Offline Mode, they are attached to the device itself. That is why it is crucial to not clear your cache before uploading or exporting your data to a CSV. Any data cleared or deleted before it could be uploaded or exported will be lost forever.

This list also allows you to click on responses in order to modify or examine them individually as well as delete undesired survey responses. On the top right corner you will notice three buttons:

1) Export/Export to CSV: Use this button to move your response data to a savable CSV spreadsheet. This will allow you to delve deeper during your data analysis or keep your information in a safer document.

2) Upload: This option allows the user to move the responses stored on their device to their account. Of course you will need to have an internet connection to carry out this action, but it is particularly useful to upload your responses to your account if you are using multiple devices and need to have all your participants’ answers on one centralized database.

3) New/New Response: The new response button will allow you to open your survey loop. After initiating your survey loop, a window showing your survey will be automatically opened. You will also notice several new buttons at the top corners of this screen:

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 3.33.17 PM

Back: Found in the top left, this button is used to exit the survey loop and return you to your response list.
Page: Located in the top right, the Page button allows the user to navigate through the survey by jumping from page to page.
Lock Kiosk: This button secures the survey loop so that the ‘Back’ and ‘Page’ buttons are taken off the screen. This effectively eliminates the respondent’s ability to leave the survey through the offline navigation system. After clicking on Kiosk Mode, you will see a dialogue box asking for a code to exit Kiosk Mode. Enter your desired unlock word and select ‘OK.’ You will then be returned to your survey loop ready to begin your fieldwork!
In order to exit Kiosk Mode on your mobile device simply touch all four corners of your survey screen at the same time or shake the device back and forth. This will create a dialogue box asking for the unlock word (If done on a computer, press ‘CTRL+SHIFT+U’ to access the dialogue box). Enter your code and press ‘OK.’

Coming Up Next!

Get ready for part 3, where we will go over using the FluidSurveys Mobile App. Also learn how to lock your survey loop correctly by checking out this blog on how to use IOS Guided Access. Until next time research experts, happy surveying!

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  • Kate says:

    HOw do you exit kiosk mode on a mac ?

    • RickPenwarden says:

      Hi Kate! This should work the same as any other mobile device. Press all four corners at the same time or shake the device back and forth. If you are on a Mac computer, press ‘CTRL+SHIFT+U’
      If you still are having trouble, get into touch with support by emailing They will be able to help you out in no time!