Collecting Mobile Responses, Part 3: The FluidSurveys Mobile App

Welcome back to our discussion on using different FluidSurveys mobile modes. So far we have already discussed Online Kiosk Mode and Offline Mode. Today, we will be going over the FluidSurveys Mobile App!

Using the Mobile App

The last method to conduct surveys on mobile devices is through the FluidSurveys Mobile App. The Mobile App can only operate offline on enterprise and white label accounts. However to set up your mobile app all account plans must begin with an internet connection. This is because your first step to begin surveying is selecting which surveys from your account you would like synced to your device. The syncing screen is shown in the picture below:

Mobile App -Picture 1

Select the surveys you want to collect information for by clicking their titles on this screen. After you have made your selections, press the ‘Sync’ button in the bottom center of the screen. This will download the surveys and allow you to gather responses off your device. At this point both enterprise and white label plans can function offline, all other plans must continue to have an online connection to operate properly.

Mobile App -Picture 2

After syncing the appropriate surveys, the user will enter the ‘My Surveys’ menu shown above. This menu provides a list of downloaded surveys, each showing a button that is green if the survey is ‘live’ and grey if the survey is ‘closed.’ You will also notice a number next to an arrow on each survey listed. This number represents the amount of responses that were already collected for that survey. After clicking on one of the surveys, the user will be presented with the following screen:

Mobile Mode -Picture 3

Here is a description for each survey option:

1) View Response: Allows the user to navigate through a list of the responses previously collected. These responses will be divided into two lists based on whether they were collected online or offline and will also provide the date and time each was completed. Users can then select any response to view its answers individually.

2) Close Survey: This button gives the user the ability to close or launch surveys directly from the mobile device.

3) Create Responses: Create Responses works exactly like Offline Mode. Users can click the lock button on the top right corner of the screen to create their unlock word and enter a survey loop. Then exit the survey loop by pressing the four corners of the screen or by shaking the device.

4) Upload Responses: By clicking this button all responses collected offline will upload to the user’s FluidSurveys account. This can only be used when an internet connection has been established.

The FluidSurveys Mobile App Advantage

Beyond its similarities with Offline Mode, there are two main benefits for conducting survey research on the Mobile App:

More Screen Real Estate: In both Online Kiosk Mode and Offline Mode the screen looks like a normal web browser. That means part of the screen will be taken up by the URL and menu bars that come with your browser. The online app is much cleaner looking, and when it is locked removes all outside options from the survey.

Upload Pictures Instantly: Normally the File Upload Question only allows respondents to select files from their own computer or off the internet. On the App, respondents are able to take pictures using the mobile device and upload it to the account. This is extremely useful for studies that require visuals, which is often the case in mobile surveys. For example, say an insurance company needs to send workers into the field to take pictures of damages or perhaps a cosmetics survey requires a picture of each respondent’s face. Each of these cases make taking and uploading pictures a necessity!

One Post Left!

There is only one last post left in this series. Hopefully, you have learned about each method of mobile surveying available on FluidSurveys and have selected the one that works best with your research. But before you get started, check out how to use Guided Access on your mobile device in order to protect your project’s survey loop from being tampered with by respondents. See you there!

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  • Marianne says:

    Sounds like a great app; however, my ULTRA plan does not allow for me to have access to it. I honestly believe that for the pricing of the ULTRA plan, one should be allowed to access the app. Or offer the app at a small price so that all FluidSurveys account holders can access it. This is one restriction that I do not agree with and believe should be changed. It’s an APP!!! All should have access.