Multi-User Accounts – Collaboration Made Easy

Teamwork is a critical component in any organization, be it a Fortune 500 company, a local government or a small non profit. This is especially true when carrying out research projects. Whether the responsibilities are divided amongst individuals or departments, the ability to collaborate is paramount.

With a survey, different people might be responsible for constructing the questionnaire, while others might be responsible for programming and analyzing. To ensure success, they all have to work together.

FluidSurveys makes this type of collaboration easy with multi-user accounts, where teams are able to contribute towards the building, deployment and analysis of surveys!

Each member of an account is given their own login and password, and they can then create and share surveys amongst each other. Permissions can be set on a user specific basis, so John could create a survey and give Justine permission to edit the questions while giving Sarah permission to create reports. The three of them could then work together to build, deploy and analyze the questionnaire. It’s that easy!

A user can share their survey with whomever and however many people they’d like while setting permissions regarding survey editing, deployment, publishing and analytics capabilities. They have complete control over who sees and does what.

With multi-user accounts, the privacy and efficiency concerns associated with sharing account logins are eliminated, while the ability to collaborate is enhanced!

Multiple users and role management are available on Enterprise plans. For more information, please contact or call 1.866.218.5127.

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