New Feature Coming Soon: Respondent Portals

Hello again survey users!  There is a great amount of anticipation and excitement building around the new Respondent Portals feature being developed for FluidSurveys.  Our developers are busy at work implementing this brand new feature that will make sending respondents multiple surveys more organized and easy!

How it will Work!

Many FluidSurveys users conduct online survey projects that include sending several questionnaires to the same group.  For example, many college programs require their classes to fill out a separate survey for their professor’s performance, the course material, and their faculty resources.  Having to send three individual emails to the same list of respondents can become messy and unreliable.  Multiple emails will also create respondent fatigue as the participants feel like they are being bombarded by online survey requests!

To avoid these problems, it would be useful to be able to send one inclusive email to each of your respondents that would include a link to all the surveys that are required to be completed.  This is exactly how FluidSurveys’s Respondent Portal feature will work!  Basically, with Respondent Portal you will be able to provide each respondent one unique URL that will link to a FluidSurveys page with the researcher’s desired list of surveys from his/her account.

What makes FluidSurveys’s Respondent Portals Great?

The Respondent Portal feature will act as a personal survey manager for your respondents. With a unique link, respondents can see the list of surveys you want them to take. They can also see whether the survey is open or closed, and which surveys were successfully submitted.

Another incredibly useful aspect of the feature will be the ability to add another survey to your respondents’ Respondent Portal list at any time.  This never seen before flexibility with multi-survey projects will allow users to change their lists of required surveys with relative ease as well as creating minimal confusion on the respondents’ part!

How do I make sure I can use Respondent Portals?

If you plan on sending respondents multiple surveys then the Respondent Portal will be just what you need to stay organized and avoid any confusion from your survey participants.  This feature is only available in Enterprise plans only, so please contact us for more information.


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