New Feature: Download Individual Responses to PDF, Word and CSV!

Whether you want to have a physical document to bring to a meeting, or to keep on file for future reference, it can be very useful to download a hardcopy version of your results.

While reports give you a great view of the aggregate data, sometimes it’s necessary to drill down into one, or a few, individual responses. FluidSurveys has always given you the ability to download individual responses into PDF format, but now we’ve gone one step further… we’ve added export capabilities into Word and Excel!

Why all of these options? Well, there are several advantages of downloading a response into each of these formats:


Compatible across platforms: PDF files can be opened on basically any computer system or mobile phone! You don’t have to worry about your co-workers, students, family, or whomever you’re sharing your work with, not being able to open your files.

Secure: With PDF files, you can guarantee that individuals won’t be able to modify any of the exported documents. Breathe easy knowing that your responses are safe from manipulation.

Compact & Small: PDF’s are highly optimized, making them much smaller in size without losing any quality.


Editable and customizable: .DOC’s are easily modified, and sometimes, it might be necessary to edit an exported response. Perhaps you want to remove certain questions or add some clarifying statements and end notes. With Word files, everything is completely editable: you can change the formatting, text styles, add/remove sections, etc.


Perform further analytics: With CSV files, you can perform additional analytics on the downloaded response/responses. Maybe you want to create a chart from just 5 of your 5000 responses. You can do that easily in Excel!

View additional data: A response downloaded to CSV will show additional information on top of the questions and answers. You can view the respondent’s IP address, the time it took them to complete the survey, their invite code, etc.

How To?

So how would you go about exporting an individual response(s) into any of these formats? Well, it’s very simple.

First, head into your Analytics section and select the “Responses” tab from the top right. You’ll then see all of your responses in a spreadsheet.

To download a specific response, find it in the spreadsheet, right click it, and then select “Download Response”. A pop-up will appear asking you to select a format for the file. It’s that easy!

To download multiple responses, check them off in the spreadsheet and select “Download Responses” from the Other Actions dropdown.

That’s all there is to it!

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