New Feature! Accept Payments in your Surveys with FluidSurveys

Have you ever built a survey with FluidSurveys that was just so awesome, that you believed you should be charging people money just for the wonderous privelege of completing it?

Well, now you can!

Introducing… The Payment Question Type

Use the new Payment Question Type to collect payments directly from your surveys whenever you need to! With a few creative twists, you can use this question type to create an online ticket sales site, an online conference registration page, or request donations for your cause!

Compatibility & Availability

The new Payment Question Type integrates with your existing PayPal account to accept payments from survey respondents, and is available on the Ultra and Enterprise plans from FluidSurveys.

How to Use it

You will find the new Payment Question Type in the Advanced Questions section in FluidSurveys:

Located in the Advanced Questions section

Simply click & drag it onto your survey. Next, look at the Options tab and locate the sub-section entitled “Options” …

Expand the Options section

Click on it to expand & configure the Payment question:

Configuring the Payment Question type

Here’s a breakdown of each option…

1. Optional
Un-ticking this box will make your Payment Question mandatory.

2. Currency
Select your currency from this drop-down menu.

3. Total Amount
How much money do you want to collect from your respondent?

4. Method
Select the company of the online account you will be transferring the payment to. Currently, the payment question only supports PayPal.
By selecting “PayPal” you will have these options to configure:

5. Email Address
Input the e-mail address that will receive the payment.

6. PDT Token
The PDT token is a bunch of gobbledy-gook that you receive from PayPal after you configure your account to work with an external website or app like FluidSurveys. Here’s how you do it:

Log into your PayPal account and click on Profile.PayPal-01

Click on My Selling Tools.PayPal-02

In the Website Preferences row, click Update.PayPal-03

(1) Make sure Auto Return is set to On. (2) In the Return URL field, type, and (2) turn on Payment Data Transfer (PDT).PayPal-04

Save your changes and PayPal will give you a PDT token (blurred in this picture for privacy reasons).PayPal-06

Once PayPal provides you with this long string of characters, simply copy it and paste it into the proper field in FluidSurveys.

Start Collecting Money Now!

That’s it! Now go enjoy this new question type!

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Sean O'Dacre

Sean is a coordinator for the search marketing team at Fluidware. He enjoys building awareness of Fluidware's solutions through the development of relationships with other web communities. He is also an active member of several search engine optimization user groups and forums.
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  • Shannon says:

    Really cool new question! This has streamlined my processes and saved me a bunch of time, thanks!

  • Hailley says:

    This is a really great feature! Super useful!

  • Sabrina says:

    Love the Payment Question! It avoids having to go to 2 separate places… and we all know that Time is Money!

  • Ady MAx says:

    Any way to have a drop down with predefined amounts ? What about direct card processing usind credit card processors ?

  • Matthew says:


    In order to utilize a dropdown with your payment question, you would want to make use of our Piping Wizard. If you make the payment question’s amount a variable, whatever is selected in the dropdown menu will automatically fill the value of your customer’s payment!

    Our Piping Wizard is available on Ultra plan and higher, so as long as you have access to the payment question, you should also have access to this feature! Simply assign an identifier to your dropdown question, right click the payment question and select ‘piping wizard’. Here, locate your identifier (if you can’t find it, type {{ identifier }} in the amount section) and drag it into the amount portion of the question.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support team directly at !


  • Willem says:

    Great feature! In Holland Paypal or Google Wallet is rarely in use. In Holland we use IDEAL or credit card payment. Is it possible to integrate this in FS?