(Another!) New Question Type: the Ranking Question

These are exciting times at FluidSurveys! The developers are working so hard to make our online survey software the best it can be that we can see steam escaping from underneath their door!

We have another goody to unveil for you today: the Ranking Question type. This question type is a cool new way to get your respondents to rank items in order of importance or significance. They simply need to click and drag a variable from the left to the proper choice on the right.

Before we dive into the HOW-TO, here’s a sneak peek at the finished product:

FluidSurveys' newest question type: the Ranking Question

How do I add this to my survey?

Take a seat, and grab a pen and notepad… this is rather complicated.

How to add the Ranking Question to your survey

You have to click, and then drag the ‘Ranking Question’ onto your form builder. Boy, I’m exhausted after that explanation!

All Kidding Aside: FluidSurveys is a leader in the development of survey software, hence everything we create and release is designed to be easy to use!

And now for a quick example

How to configure a Ranking Question


Once you drag the Ranking Question onto your form builder, you will be able to configure it as you see fit.

To our left is a screenshot of the settings we used to create an example Ranking Question for this blog post.

Whatever you type into the ‘Choices’ section will become the “containers” that your respondents drag the ‘Variables’ onto.

So in our example, you can see that the respondents will have 5 Variables that need to be dragged onto 3 Choices.

Please note, however, that it is perfectly acceptable to have the same number of Choices as there are Variables.

Roll the clip!

Watch this quick video to see how everything fits together:

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  • John Falloon says:

    Like the new ranking question. One comment, when you drag an item from the left column to the right column the title of the text of your choice is obscured – it might be nice to have the choice text visible somehow as a reminder of what is underneath. I know I was confused. I like the idea though.