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Now Available: Adding a Table of Contents to Your Surveys

Here at FluidSurveys, our development team never ceases to impress! You asked for an intuitive way for respondents to navigate your surveys and we delivered with the first ever FluidSurveys table of contents. Let me tell you how it works!

Inserting a Table of Contents into Your Survey

Like a traditional table of contents, the FluidSurveys table of contents displays the different sections of your survey based on the page they are located. These sections will be displayed based on the page labels you have created on your survey through your editor. In the example below, we can see all the labeled pages of my restaurant satisfaction survey listed under the ‘Section’ column and the page number they are located in the survey.

Picture 1

Not only does the table of contents provide the respondent with an overview of the survey but it also provides an easy way to navigate through it. In fact, the entire table of contents acts as a jumping tool for the respondent. Clicking any section title on the table automatically transports the respondent to that page of the survey.

Why Add a Table of Contents?

A table of contents is most useful for a long survey that you don’t expect your respondents to fill out in one sitting. For example, let’s say you have created a multipage survey for new employees to complete as an onboarding requirement. Each section of the survey has to be completed after the employee has familiarized him/herself with the company’s onboarding documentation or procedures. The employee may take a few days to complete the onboarding process and will certainly have to fill out the survey on an incremental basis. It therefore makes sense to implement a table of contents to allow your employee to easily navigate the survey each time they enter it.

Ready to Add a Table of Contents to Your Surve?

So we know how it works, now it’s time for you to play with this new feature in your own FluidSurveys account. Get a step-by-step explanation of how to add a table of contents to your survey by visiting our documentation. Until next time, happy surveying!

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