Now Available: The FluidSurveys Mobile App! Android Survey Software

Great news! We’ve just released an Android app on Google’s Play Store for FluidSurveys. Now you can work with your surveys on the go from your tablet or smartphone.

[Update]: Our iPhone/iPad App will also be available soon

Today we’re going to show you how to get the app for free, and how to use it!

  Step 01 – Google Play Store
  Load the Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  Step 02 – Install
  Search for FluidSurveys by tapping on the magnifying glass in the top-right corner.

Once the Google Play Store shows you the app in the search results, tap on it to start the installation procedure.

The download is less than 2.5 megs, and the installation process is very quick.

  Step 03 – Login
  Enter your FluidSurveys account information and tap on Login.

If you are a new customer, there’s also a link you can tap to create your first account.

  Step 04 – Loading…
  Wait a moment for the hamsters to get to their exercise wheel …
  Step 05 – Select Survey(s)
  The first thing you are shown is a list of the surveys in your FluidSurveys account.

By tapping on a survey, you will select or de-select it. For this example, we will just select one survey, “Olark Demo”.

Once we tap “Continue” at the bottom, a few different things will happen:

  1. The survey will be ‘loaded’ so that we can control and use it from our portable device,
  2. Any online responses will be downloaded to our portable device,
  3. Any offline responses stored on the portable device will be uploaded to your FluidSurveys account.
  Step 06 – Choose a Survey to Control
  After a brief sync process, we are presented with a list of surveys that are loaded on our portable device.

The number “0” indicates that there are currently no responses for this particular survey.

Let’s tap on the survey to see what we can do with it…

  Step 07 – Remote Control!
  Home will bring you back to the list of surveys that are currently ‘loaded’ on your device.

View Responses will let you browse the online and offline responses for your survey. (An online response is already stored on your FluidSurveys account, and an offline response has not yet been uploaded.)

Invite lets you invite participants to your survey from your device’s contact list.

Close Survey will prevent further responses from being obtained. If your survey is already closed, this button will say “Launch Survey” instead.

Create Response will allow you to create an offline response for your survey from your portable device.

Upload Responses will send all offline responses to your FluidSurveys account.


Have Fun With it!

Now scamper off and grab your own copy! But remember that this app is currently in “Beta” mode. If your experience varies from the demonstation given in this blog post, fear not: just contact our friendly technical support team; they will be able to assist you.

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Sean O'Dacre

Sean is a coordinator for the search marketing team at Fluidware. He enjoys building awareness of Fluidware's solutions through the development of relationships with other web communities. He is also an active member of several search engine optimization user groups and forums.
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  • Tamatha Trenholm says:

    Awesome concept!  Very excited to see Fluid Surveys moving this way!

    Would be nice to see basic analytics (simple frequency stats for responses or summary list of text responses).

    Also, booted me a couple of times claiming issue with my password, I just clicked login again and reentered (without retyping my password).

    Overall, great start and fantastic inovation!

  • Mpoulindelisle says:

    You guys are awesome.

  • henrikc89 says:

    iPhone/iPad? 1½ month ago you wrote “soon”