October’s New Feature Rundown

There’s always a new feature (or two, or four!) on the horizon in FluidSurveys, and today we’re showcasing a number of our latest improvements!

Hide a Page

There are times when, depending on the response you receive for a given question, you may want to hide an entire page of your survey from a respondent. You can now do this with a new Rule Action in the Advanced Branching Wizard called Hide a Page.

Hide a Page in your Survey | FluidSurveys

Auto Recovery

Have you ever been working on a survey and had your browser suddenly crash? Nothing is more annoying than losing unsaved work!

Our Survey Software has Auto Recovery | FluidSurveys

With the new Auto Recovery feature in FluidSurveys, a ‘snapshot’ of your work is taken automatically every 60 seconds while in Edit mode. If your browser or computer should crash in between saves, you will be able to recover the changes you made since the last automatic ‘snapshot’ was taken:

Survey Software with Auto-Recovery | FluidSurveys
And the best part? You don’t have to ‘enable’ this feature: it’s already been switched on for all of our customers — enjoy!

Collector Variable Improvements

A few months back, we introduced per-collector variables, and the response has been terrific! We’ve further improved on this concept by adding more functionality when creating collector schemas:

Collector Schema | FluidSurveys

As the above screenshot illustrates, you can now create 4 types of collector variables: the previously-available Text type, and 3 new types: Boolean, Dropdown and CheckboxList. One of the benefits of this change is that it allows you to better control the segmentation of your collected data.

Collector Pagination

Here’s another improvement for the collectors in FluidSurveys:

Collector Pagination | FluidSurveys

For those who had many different collectors, it used to be a chore scrolling down to infinity. But with the addition of pagination, order has been restored! You can specify the number of collectors to display at once, and easily cycle through the ‘pages’ to see them all in a more organized and tidy fashion.

Text Analysis ~ Word Cloud

We’ve improved our Text Analysis feature-set and beefed up the Word Cloud in FluidSurveys:

Text Analysis - Responses | FluidSurveys

Ain’t she perdy? The colored squares indicate the title of the category that will be populated with the associated comment. In other words, if we clicked on the box next to the first comment, it will be categorized in the ‘Software’ category. But even cooler, is our new Word Cloud:

Word Cloud | FluidSurveys

The word cloud shows a collection of tags that represent the most popular words used by your respondents. The larger the word, the more often it occurred. When we click on any word, FluidSurveys will process all of your responses and show you the related responses. And the slider at the bottom can be used to automatically create categories from these tags. Cool? We think so!

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