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Greetings Everyone!

We’re very excited to announce that we are kick-starting something that we’ve been wanting to do for a while now… We will now be doing a weekly show to talk about the latest and greatest things that are going on in the company, introduce our team members, and give you some insight into what we are all about. We have the coolest product on the market and now we’re doing video! We feel that in this day and age, we don’t get to meet most of our customers in person and they don’t get to meet us. The goal of “FluidSurveys in 60 Seconds” is to get our customers to meet us more personally. At the same time, we encourage our customers to send us video messages and we’ll gladly post them on the blog as well. This will give us an opportunity to interact face to face – in a very new-age sense 🙂

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Aydin Mirzaee

Aydin is currently the Co-CEO of Fluidware where he spends his time focused on product strategy, marketing and growth for the company's FluidSurveys ( and FluidReview ( products. Aydin co-founded Fluidware in 2008 and since then it has grown to become a market leader with customers in over 80 countries.
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