Our Survey Software Now Has Tooltips

Introducing… Tooltips! Now, in case you’re scratching your head wondering “what the heck is a tooltip?”, just place your mouse on top of this sentence. We’re thrilled to be part of this “ah ha” moment with you 🙂

All sarcasm aside, keep reading, and you’ll learn how easy it is to insert them as you make a survey!

How to Insert Tooltips in Your Survey

The easiest way to insert a tooltip into your survey is via the visual editor:

FluidSurveys Now Has Tooltips

When you click this button, FluidSurveys will ask you for the Text to Highlight, and the Help Text that should appear when someone hovers over your text. Essentially, what this does is add the following HTML & CSS code into your survey:

<span rel="tooltip" style="cursor: help;" title="Help Text">Text to Highlight.</span>

Tooltips Equal Accessibility

When used properly, tooltips can vastly improve the user experience of your survey. You can elaborate on a confusing topic, or add extra clarification for a certain question if the respondent is searching for it with their mouse. This will improve the quality of your responses, and could cut down on ‘help requests’ from people who are confused at certain points in your survey.

A Tooltip Tip…

You can also use the Visual Editor to make your tooltip stand out with colors, underlines or even by changing the font. Doing so will help your respondents realize that something happens when they interact with that piece of text!

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