ErrorBoas FS University Post

How to Know the Difference Between Error and Bias

Bias and error are the bane of all researchers! Learn how to differentiate bias from error and how each effect the results of a survey study.

socialmedia FS University Post

Survey Tips: How To Get Survey Responses via Social Media

Social media can help you break through the cluttered inboxes and reach your respondents, but only if you know these best practices! Learn how to effectively utilize social media to gather some great responses to your survey!

openvsclosed FS University Post

Comparing Closed-Ended and Open-Ended Questions

A key part of creating excellent online surveys is in the proper uses of both open-ended and closed-ended questions. First, we must look at the nature of both question types, their strengths and weaknesses and when they should be used. So let’s jump right into things!

surveylength FS University Post

Finding the Correct Survey Length

The length of your survey should be based on the goals of your research, but also on your targeted respondents and how motivated they are to complete your survey. In this article, learn how to set the optimal length for your survey.

Employee FS University Post

5 Tips to Get Great Feedback from Employees!

Do you know if your employees are enjoying their jobs? If they feel empowered? If their morale is higher or lower than it was last year? All of these questions are ones that an employer needs to stay on top of in order to ensure a healthy, enjoyable and productive workplace.

cust_sat FS University Post

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Before You Start

Do you ever wonder exactly what your customer’s think of you – what they think you do well, what you do poorly, where they want you to improve, how they compare you to competitors? Then you should consider a customer satisfaction survey!

social media FS University Post

How to Use Online Surveys to Harness the Full Potential of Social Media

Social media is changing the way companies and organizations do business. Gone are the days of traditional media campaigns focusing on TV, radio and print; in are the days of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

small business owners FS University Post

How Online Surveys Can Empower Small Businesses

Staying on top of, and quickly reacting to, your customers' pulse is one of the biggest keys for long term success whether you're selling millions of dollars of computer software, running a repair shop or selling cupcakes on Main Street.

decisions FS University Post

Surveys: A Key Tool for Effective Decision Making

What is often viewed as the most tedious aspect of marketing and business has proved to be the most important. No matter how creative your ad campaign may be, or how many great innovative features your new product may have, nothing replaces customer insight.

proscons FS University Post

Is An Online Survey Right For You? Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Survey Formats

Your organization is preparing to carry out a customer satisfaction survey, and the only question that remains is the type of survey that should be used. Will it be a person administered survey, with a clerk manually asking clients the questions in the store?