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How to Use Online Surveys to Harness the Full Potential of Social Media

Social media is changing the way companies and organizations do business. Gone are the days of traditional media campaigns focusing on TV, radio and print; in are the days of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

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How Online Surveys Can Empower Small Businesses

Staying on top of, and quickly reacting to, your customers' pulse is one of the biggest keys for long term success whether you're selling millions of dollars of computer software, running a repair shop or selling cupcakes on Main Street.

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Surveys: A Key Tool for Effective Decision Making

What is often viewed as the most tedious aspect of marketing and business has proved to be the most important. No matter how creative your ad campaign may be, or how many great innovative features your new product may have, nothing replaces customer insight.

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Is An Online Survey Right For You? Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Survey Formats

Your organization is preparing to carry out a customer satisfaction survey, and the only question that remains is the type of survey that should be used. Will it be a person administered survey, with a clerk manually asking clients the questions in the store?

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Get The Most Out of Your Survey: Tips for Writing Effective Questions

The most important factor in carrying out a successful survey is the quality and structure of the questions you ask. At the end of the day, it's what will determine whether you get back useful feedback or not. Poorly structured survey questions can result in incomplete, biased results.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Asking the right questions

Conducting a customer satisfaction survey can be a tremendous benefit for any organization. Knowing what you’re doing well and what you’re doing poorly will only help you serve, and retain, customers.

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Survey Tips: Implementing a Successful Pop Up Survey

Pop up surveys have received a bad rap, but legitimate organizations shouldn't be discouraged from using them. If implemented properly, pop up surveys can be an extremely effective way for organizations to gather feedback online.

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The Rise Of The Smartphone

Smartphones are increasingly being used as primary internet devices for everything from web browsing, checking & sending emails, viewing videos, and more. As current mobile trends develop, it has become apparent that mobile smartphones cannot be ignored