How to Use 6 Basic Charts to Create Effective Reports

Hey gang! Communicating your study’s results to your co-workers, managers, and clients in a way that is both professional and easy to understand is a crucial skill for any researcher. Many studies with amazing results are not acted on or…

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Screening Questions FS University Post

Screening Questions

Screening questions are used to determine whether potential respondents are correct for a particular survey study. This article discusses why screening questions are useful and the different ways they can be implemented in surveys today.

HIPAA FS University Post

The Impact of the Health Insurance Portability Act (HIPAA) and the Privacy Act on Online Survey Research

Privacy issues are a paramount concern of any form of research. This is even more the case when a study involves the disclosure of health information. Learn about the Canadian and American health privacy laws and how they affect survey research.

Case Study: St. Francis Xavier University

Helping Researchers Establish Baseline Data for Entrepreneurship among Atlantic Aboriginal Women Monica Diochon is a Professor in the Business Administrative Department at St. Francis Xavier University, and an established researcher in the field of entrepreneurship. When she and Coady International Institute…

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privacy FS University Post

How to Ensure Your Respondents’ Privacy

The balance between the search for information and the respect of personal privacy is at the forefront of almost any researcher's position. Read this article to more about this issue and gain some valuable tips on how to maintain your respondents privacy, while collecting the data you need.

RespondentBias FS University Post

Tips for Avoiding Respondent Bias

Respondent bias is one of three types of response bias that encompasses any error in a survey that can be attributed to the inability or unwillingness to answer a question correctly. Read this article to learn more about respondent bias and how to best combat it in your own online survey research!

nonresponse FS University Post

How to Avoid Nonresponse Error

When survey experts refer to bias, they are referring to two different types of error; response bias and nonresponse bias. Learn the difference between these two infamous sources of error and obtain some great tips on how to avoid nonresponse bias!

overcome FS University Post

Tips for Overcoming Researcher Bias

A form of response bias, researcher bias encompasses any error in data created by faults in a study's research design. Read this article to learn more about this type of bias and how to eliminate it from your online survey research!

AVOIDBIAS FS University Post

Avoiding Survey Bias

Survey bias is a type of response bias referring to any error in a study's results that is created by its survey design. This article discusses the nature of survey bias and provides great tips on how to avoid this in any online survey research!

ErrorBoas FS University Post

How to Know the Difference Between Error and Bias

Bias and error are the bane of all researchers! Learn how to differentiate bias from error and how each effect the results of a survey study.