Set Redirect URLs for Your Online Survey (Complete Redirect, Quota Redirect, Terminate Redirect)

If you’ve ever considered working with a panel management company, you’re going to love what we have to say. FluidSurveys allows you to specify redirect, quota, and terminate redirects for your surveys.

Now what does all of that mean anyway?

Well, a complete redirect basically refers to the page that a respondent will be sent to upon completion of a survey. Let’s say that you wanted to send your users to upon completion of a survey… this is what you would use.

A quota redirect is used when you want to send someone to a specific page once a pre-determined quota or number of responses/completes has been reached. For example, if you wanted to direct people to upon getting 500 responses, then this would be what you need.

Finally, a terminate redirect will allow you to send someone to a particular page once you feel that they are not eligible to take your survey. Let’s say that you are looking to survey only females. The first question of your survey could ask, “Are you male or female?”. If your respondents answer “male” then you could send them to a specific termination page telling them why they can’t take your survey.

Now, all of this stuff is nice… but, what makes it great is that you can use these tools with panel management companies. They require your software to be compatible with their systems. The good news is that FluidSurveys is compatible with almost all panel management companies out there!

Now, check out the following video for all of the details:

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Aydin Mirzaee

Aydin is currently the Co-CEO of Fluidware where he spends his time focused on product strategy, marketing and growth for the company's FluidSurveys ( and FluidReview ( products. Aydin co-founded Fluidware in 2008 and since then it has grown to become a market leader with customers in over 80 countries.
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