Show a Question, Hide a Question

Here is a brief explanation of how to use advanced branching logic, namely hiding and showing questions, in your survey. You, as the survey creator, will be able to redirect users to specific questions and pages based on multiple conditions.



Question 1: Please indicate if you have visited the following countries in Europe? (checkbox)
 France
 Italy
 Spain
 Have not visited Europe


Question 2: Please indicate what specific cities you visited during these trips: (text response)

Question 3: Would you ever consider Europe as a possible travel destination? (yes/no)
• Yes
• No

In this case, you will want any user who responds “France OR Italy OR Spain OR Holland” to Question 1 to see Question 2 and not Question 3, and you will want anyone who answers “Have not visited Europe” to Question 1 to see Question 3 and not Question 2. How can you accomplish this you may ask?

First and foremost, do not forget to add identifiers onto your questions! Anytime something advanced is to be done, there must be question identifiers on the questions. So in this case the question identifiers will be Q1, Q2, and Q3.

Now, on the main editing page, go to…

Page > Edit Survey Logic Rules > Add Branching Logic > If Q1 equals yes then show a question [Q2]

Page > Edit Survey Logic Rules > Add Branching Logic > If Q1 equals no then show a question [Q3]

This should allow you to have the specified question show up when the respondent answers the first question, saving them from reading a question that does not pertain to them.

*Available with the Ultra and Enterprise plans

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