How to Loop Based on a Number Entered by a User

This week we will talk about a cool trick you can accomplish with FluidSurveys. If you’ve played much with the options inside of FluidSurveys before, you probably already knew that you could loop your survey (that is, have it automatically repeat) a specific number of times.

But today we will show you can set the number of loops based on an integer provided by a respondent!

Step 1

Start by creating a simple text response question, and give it an identifier:

Step 2

Next, look down in the same area for the “Options” sub-section. Enable validation by selecting Integers (Positive). This will make sure that a respondent does not provide a negative number, which of course would be extremely unhelpful when we’re trying to loop a survey.

(Editor’s note: we ran some tests, and providing a negative number here in fact does not make time travel possible. We just thought we would save you some time from trying yourself.)

Step 3

After you make this selection, you will need to set default values for the field. Your settings may vary, but you can learn from our screenshot below. We set the field to only allow a single-digit integer that must be between 1 and 9, and gave it an initial value of 1.

Step 4

The next step is to right-click on this Text Response question and select Looping.

Step 5

And finally, tell FluidSurveys which page range should be looped. Since my demo survey is only 2 pages long, we’ll be looping from page 2, to page 2.

Et Voila!

So there you have it! Now when the survey is launched, it will loop the precise number of times as indicated by the integer value given in the first text response question.

Oh, and PS:

We’re pretty sure it’s illegal to make a joke about time travel on the Internet and not have a Back to the Future reference. So here you are:

Great Scott!

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