The Awesome Continues: FluidSurveys Integrates with FreshBooks!

Hey there survey-goers! Here’s a tasty bit of good news to start your week off right: FluidSurveys can now integrate with your FreshBooks account!

So what can you expect from this update? For starters, you can easily access your FreshBooks client list from within FluidSurveys, and set up automatic survey invitations according to specific triggers or criteria.

Naturally, we’re very excited about this improvement to FluidSurveys!

“We’ve been FreshBooks customers forever and it’s great to be able to have FluidSurveys & FreshBooks do a virtual high five like this – I think both of our customers are going to be able to do great things with the integration – this is a triple win.”
– Aydin Mirzaee, Co-CEO of FluidSurveys

Watch this quick video for an example of how to make use of this new feature:


This new integration is available with all of our paid plans (Pro, Ultra and Enterprise). If you’re currently on the Free plan, check out your upgrade options here. And of course, you will need a FreshBooks account as well!


If you’re stuck, our support team is ready to help! Try our new chat support, or send us an email.

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Sean O'Dacre

Sean is a coordinator for the search marketing team at Fluidware. He enjoys building awareness of Fluidware's solutions through the development of relationships with other web communities. He is also an active member of several search engine optimization user groups and forums.
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