The Top 5 FluidSurveys Features of 2012


2012 was quite the year! Here at FluidSurveys, we busied ourselves with creating new product features to meet all of your survey needs.  In this post, we’ll count down our top 5 FluidSurveys features of 2012.


Feature #5: Salesforce integration

In October, we launched the Salesforce Integration. With this integration, users can sync client data in Salesforce with FluidSurveys. This means users can personalize surveys with client information, automatically update and add client information from surveys to Salesforce, and link completed surveys directly to Salesforce. This integration is one of our top features of 2012 because it helps many of our customers save time and manage their customer information better, and the possibilities of this integration are endless!


Feature #4: Multi User Accounts

In March, we launched Multi-User Accounts. Multi-User Accounts allows users to work on surveys with a team of people by having multiple logins for one account, the ability to set permission levels of who can edit what part of the survey, and the ability to share surveys with specific users. This feature was one of the top features for 2012 because it supports our customers in how they typically work on projects (with others!) while creating a secure and flexible environment.


Feature #3: Collectors

In May, we launched Collectors. Collectors lets users use one survey to query different groups of people, while keeping the data in one place to make analysis quick and easy. With per-collector variables, respondents get a customized survey experience. This feature came in at #3 because it reduces the survey development and data analysis time,  and it was a highly requested feature!


Feature #2: Offline mode

When it comes to collecting surveys in the field, it’s rare that there’s a reliable internet connection. That’s why in February we launched Offline Tablet Surveys. With offline mode, respondents can answer the survey and then have their responses uploaded as soon as there is an Internet connection. This feature is #2 in our books because we were thrilled to make survey deployment and collection easier.


Feature #1: FluidSurveys Mobile

Drum-roll please! The top feature this year was FluidSurveys mobile that transforms desktop surveys into beautiful, mobile-ready surveys. With more respondents accessing surveys from a mobile device, we optimized our surveys for the mobile experience. This feature is #1 because it gives our customers’ respondents the best survey-taking experience possible.


Creating the top list for 2012 was really challenging! We had so many other great features this year that made our short-list, like File Upload question type, Payment question type, Question Bank, and Transfer surveys to name a few.

With all these awesome features in 2012, imagine what we have planned for 2013!



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Shannon McCluskey

Shannon is a marketing specialist at Fluidware. She is passionate about sharing knowledge on the latest survey insights and product features. Shannon is also very active in the local technology community, and mentors startups on marketing strategy.
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