Visual Formatting for Your Online Surveys, Make Your Surveys Flow Better

So you’ve gone in and created your wonderful survey, all of your questions are worded just as you want them to be, and you are ready to get some responses! But wait a second, don’t forget about aesthetics! The way you have your questions being displayed to respondents can be equally important as the actual questions themselves!
Here are a few helpful tidbits of information when it comes to formatting your survey…

1) Display Side by Side:
This will allow you to have 2 questions sitting next to one another on the page as opposed to having them stacked one on top of the other. This will both shorten the possible scrolling for the respondent and create a clean look, especially if the questions are directly related. Keep in mind that you will need to check off this option in the display editor for both of the questions that are meant to sit next to one another.

2) Append to Previous Question:
Appending one question to the other is another helpful tool to help the initial look and feel of your survey. Using this option will allow you to tighten the space between questions on the page. This need only be checked off for the question that is actually being attached to the question above it. Try using this option to attach a comment box to the previous question!

3) Multi-Column Layout for Checkbox Questions:
Yet another display option available to you in our survey editor is having multiple columns in a checkbox question. If you are not using a drop down question type and the list of choices is extensive, having them broken up into 2, 3, 4, or even 5 columns may be a useful solution.

4) Showing Borders:
You can choose to show borders on question types such as Checkbox Grid, Multiple Choice Grid, and the 3D Matrix. Showing borders will create a grid look, separating both the rows and the columns of the question. This separation makes it easier for the respondent to decipher and understand when answering.

5) Alternating Background Colors:
Use this display options for grid-type questions as well (seen above with showing borders). Going hand in hand with adding borders to things like the Multiple Choice Grid, Checkbox Grid, and a 3D Matrix question, alternating the background colors of the columns will make the question that much clearer and easier for the user to respond!

All of these Display Options are here, at your disposal, to make the survey as streamlined and user friendly as possible!

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